MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Dream the Fulfillment of Your Life Purpose!

Dear Ones,

What kind of planner are you? Do you write out specific goals and work doggedly to achieve them? Or do you have an idea and then ‘go with the flow’ to see where you end up? Do you share your goals and dreams with others or do you hold them as secrets inside yourself? What are your visions for yourself, your life?

Many people spend a lot of time lamenting what they have or don’t have in their lives when, if they spent the same energy thinking about what they want to have they could actually be moving in the direction of manifesting that in their life. This is the only useful aspect to developing dreams, visions and goals for any aspect of your life.

If you wish to lose weight, for example, yet spend all of your time thinking about how you don’t weigh the amount you wish you weighed, then you will always be striving for something that is distant from you. If you wish you had more money in your bank account you will be energizing the amount that is there [or not there] without energizing manifesting energy for what you want to have there. If you are constantly talking about wishing you had a relationship/job/business/friend//car/whatever that is not in your life at the moment then you are energizing the lack thereof.

Some people do not have dreams and visions for themselves. Or, if they do, they are nebulous and far away. We wish you to change that for yourself.

But don’t write down goals and then beat yourself up if you do not achieve those goals. Dreams and visions and goals should be constantly reassessed as new information and circumstances arise. The first step is to create the dreams and visions and goals that are in alignment with your Life Purpose.

Do you know your Life Purpose? Do you have a plan for achieving this? Have you examined the dreams you have for your life to check their alignment with your Life Purpose? This is the work of the world today.

Many are focused simply on what they are lacking: money, food, a home, a job. And there are many who are existing without these things. What if your Life Purpose were to make a lot of money so that you could support those who are needing help? Others need an education so that they can be self-sufficient but they do not have access to the education they believe they need. Are you an educator?

Sometimes dreams can intersect. For example, if you are one who dreams of owning a business and someone else who has a dream of selling their business, there could be a match up of dreams that would benefit both parties. But if you are constantly energizing the lack of the business you wish to own, and/or they are constantly energizing the lack of a buyer for their business, you could both miss an opportunity to realize a dream.

Do you see how this works? Create the dream, the vision for yourself and your life. Energize that dream by joining with it emotionally and mentally. Believe that that dream is realized somewhere in the Universe and you are getting closer to arriving at that dream. Welcome the dream. Be grateful for the manifestation of that dream. Feel what it feels like to be in perfect alignment with a dream you can realize. Stay in gratitude and see the dream as present in your own reality within the Universe.

And believe that all the resources that you need to realize that dream, like the person who wishes to help you achieve your dream while they achieve theirs, are actually present right now, ready for you to accept those resources and enjoy the dream.

Dream yourself into your success TODAY!!!

And so it is.


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