BOOK LIGHTS: from “Get Your Woman On! Embracing Beauty, Grace & The Power of Women” by Kimber Lim et al

“I had never known, or even dared to dream, that such sweetness of spirit existed. I thought it came from others, status or possessions, rather than life force itself. In a misunderstanding of service and generosity, I had forgotten my dreams and put discovering my happiness on hold. In speaking my heart truth, I can hear and honor that of others. And, in living fully in tandem with God, Spirit, and the Divine, I feel safe, loved and shielded. I don’t need to hide my heart
any longer, or pretend I don’t have one.
I’m rebuilding a new one.”

Kimber Lim et al

Notice where your dreams originate and make sure that they are YOUR dreams. Your heart knows who you really are and this is the place where your dreams exist. Reach for the big dreams today!


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