BOOK LIGHTS: from Destiny at Your Fingertips: Discover the Inner Purpose of Your Life and What It Takes to Live It by Ronelle Coburn

You have a Life Purpose – a particular state of consciousness or sense of being you yearn to live in during every moment of your life – which generates your ultimate sense of fulfillment. Your singular Life Purpose is available to you as soon as you are ready to choose to inhabit it. There are only two things in question:

– Will you choose to know it?

– Will you choose to live it?

Ronelle Coburn

I have studied Scientific Hand Analysis because it is a way to show a person, with their own hands, that some part of them knows what their Life Purpose is and who they came to Earth to become. The information is available. But you must decide that you want to know it and that you will commit to living it. THIS is how you will manifest your greatness in the world! What are you waiting for?


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