Greetings from Maryland where we are busily settling in to our temporary home with our daughter, Mindy. Richard and Mindy drove a truck with some of our belongings in it, towing our car, through very windy conditions from Colorado all the way to the East Coast. Thankfully, everyone traveled safely, including our Lhasa Apso, Tara. Now we are energizing the vision of the new owners of our house in Colorado Springs falling in love with the house so that their family can enjoy it as much as ours has.

Thursday of this week is Thanksgiving in the US where we will join with family around a big turkey dinner, watch some football, eat too much, play games and chat while we share what we are grateful for. It’s wonderful to be together with our Maryland family for this special holiday this year. Are you celebrating with family? Alone? With a ‘chosen family’ of friends? Even if you don’t celebrate a national holiday, how about taking some time this Thursday to write out a Gratitude List and read it every day for a month? Can you list 100 things that you’re grateful for? It’s a challenge but I’ve done it. And starting and ending your day in gratitude is a great energy for the rest of your day.

Also on Thursday we see Mercury going retrograde [2:12 am Eastern Time] before a powerful New Moon on Friday [1:10 am Eastern Time] and let’s just throw in a partial solar eclipse to the mix for fun! When this much is happening in the heavens you know there will be some energy felt here on Earth! The Mountain Astrologer magazine says these events ‘can shake the Earth with quakes or challenge society with system failures. This event symbolizes the need to re-examine our beliefs in light of current capabilities. Old aspirations may turn out to be impractical, but this New Moon eclipse can spawn fresh, realistic ideas about the future.’

Let’s all energize some positive visions of the future and use these energies to help bring them into reality!

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Happy Gratitude Week!


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