MUSE-INGS: Are You Ready to Live Your Life Purpose?

What a pep talk! As we move forward with our lives isn’t it easy to get caught up in all the urgent tasks that we forget about the important ones?

I know that my life is better when I spend a sufficient amount of time in my spiritual practice. I meditate, journal, ask for guidance. And if I fill up my schedule so much that I don’t have time for this then I suffer, sometimes even physically. Meditation can improve how I feel. Journaling can calm an emotional upset by allowing me to tune in to inner wisdom and see a situation from a different perspective. And have you ever used a tool such as angel cards or tarot when you need words of wisdom and they seem to magically know exactly what you need to see/hear? I can’t count the clients who say that this has happened to them. ‘I keep drawing the same Goddess Card over and over. Guess I really need to focus on that area in my life.’ ‘I was asking what I should do and a card popped out of the deck while I was shuffling. It was exactly what I needed to do!’

People say these things all the time. And yet we often wallow in the misery of our situation without using the tools that are at our disposal.

When we focus on our problems we are playing small. When we focus on our inner greatness, what I call ‘inner splendor,’ then we can reach out for something bigger in life. We can reach out with our Self to manifest our own destiny, the Life Purpose we were born to achieve. We need to first, though, believe that we deserve the HUGE mission for which we were born.

No one is born to sit in a corner and stick his thumb in a pie like the Little Jack Horner of nursery rhyme fame. YOU were born to fulfill a Life Purpose that is greater than that. For all the clients that I have helped to discover their Life Purpose, the answer is always something larger or greater than they had anticipated. They might already be on the right track to manifesting that purpose, but there is an added piece that takes them beyond what they could see before. There is a focus that helps them to grow in leaps instead of baby steps. There is greatness in them that must be exposed.

It is my wish that every person who encounters these words learns what their Life Purpose is so that they can accept the enormity of their pre-birth commitment to the rest of humanity and step up to the plate to fulfill that commitment. These are times that call for greatness, not for blindly following what has been taught in the past. The past is the foundation for the present but it cannot define the person you were born to become. Only you have the information inside you that defines you. Staying small does not serve you, your purpose or the Planet.

Are you willing to discover that Life Purpose? Are you willing to commit to fulfilling that Purpose once you have it defined for you? Are you ready to show the world that you are here, that you have shown up to be who you came here to be?

Answer ‘yes,’ please. The rest of us have been waiting to say, ‘Welcome!’


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2 Responses to “MUSE-INGS: Are You Ready to Live Your Life Purpose?”

  1. DIESEL Says:

    Meditation is such a powerful practice. It can lead to spiritual, physical and mental benefits. It is amazing how many of us simply don’t meditate because we think it is weird. We should all open our minds and realize this can be one of the most beneficial things we can do for ourselves and it is completely free to do at any time!

    Great post! 🙂

    If you are interested I have some articles regarding meditation in my blogging community I have developed.

    Check it out if you are interested!

    Cheers! 🙂

  2. wellspring0fgodslove Says:

    This is an important part of life. So many times we start to believe that we are merely humans and this is our only life. I do this all the time.
    I would love to remember endlessly that I am Source. I am connected to God and All There Is.
    What would follow, naturally, is what my Source Energy purpose is, here, at this time.

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