MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Live Your Greatness!!!

Dear Ones,

Are you ready for there to be changes in the world around you? Have you thought about how flexible you can be with your life? Learning to live in flow with the energy around you is imperative if you are going to move into greatness in your life.

Why do we say ‘greatness’? Because each of you, Dear Ones, is a great human being. Inside you is a magnificence that the world has never seen before and will never see again. That magnificence is YOU. YOU were invited into the Planetary Space by Mother Earth and the Universe. All of the other beings on Earth at this time requested your presence. Everything that has ever happened on Earth has led up to this momentous time so that YOU could be a part of it. The World thanks you for showing up.

Now, have you accepted the magnitude of this? Are you ready and willing to show up in your greatness? Or are you content to play small, hide in the background, just get by?

Everyone around you has the same calling to demonstrate their greatness in the world today. No longer will people be agreeing that they are worthless or sinners or ‘less than’ or undeserving. Each human being must open his or her heart to the energies of Love that are begging to be spread to others. Each human being must learn who they were born to become and then must become that. Every inhabitant of Earth at this time must throw off the shackles of shame and guilt and agree that they are uniquely designed to fulfill a Life Purpose that is theirs alone.

Are you willing? Do you know who you incarnated to be?

Ask yourself if you are so busy doing things, keeping busy but not growing personally and spiritually, so that you can hide your talents until some unspecified future date. Examine your beliefs about yourself and evaluate their source. Did they come from your family? Your school? Your religion? Your country, society, environment, friends? These outer influences are not connected to the source information that is programmed into your own DNA. No one outside of you can live your life for you. No one has the right to limit your greatness.

You have an inner splendor, a brilliant light to shine in the world. You have a mission to fulfill. You have a whole world of people waiting for you to turn on the beacon of that light so that they can see their way to their own inner greatness. When will you shine that light for them?

Get out today and shine some light. Be who you came here to be. Play LARGE. Answer the call that has been echoing in your heart since you were born.

If you are afraid, then face that fear. If you are excited, then do it now. If you need some help determining your Life Purpose, getting rid of limiting beliefs, or letting go of negative thoughts, then get some help. Get help, too, if you feel you cannot disconnect your energy from those who would try to control you.

You are the one who has your mission to fulfill in this lifetime. You are the one who has a Life Purpose that you can choose to live or can choose to ignore. But the rest of the world is counting on you to show up and LIVE. Make the decision to do this today and everything that you need will be given to you. Everything that must happen will fall into place to support you.

Live your richest life today so that others may have your support in living their lives to the fullest.

And so it is.


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