Happy 11/11/11!  And it doesn’t matter which hemisphere you are in, that’s the same for month/day/year as day/month/year.  Doesn’t the combination of Master Numbers seem special? 11 is a special number in numerology and the significance of 11/11/11 is being celebrated around the globe.  Some say a portal is opening to other dimensions.  Some are entranced by the beginning of the 2012 phenomenon.  Others just think it is ‘cool.’  Today is my niece’s birthday [Happy Birthday, Aimee!] and, in the US, we are celebrating Veteran’s Day, honoring those who have served the country in the military.

What is this number saying to you?  Are you feeling that something special is starting in your life and/or on Planet Earth?  If you are interested in the energies that are being ushered into our times then you’ll want to be on the FREE teleclass on Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at 1:00 EST/10:00 PST when I’ll be sharing what The Divine Feminine say about the energies coming in with the year 2012. Tuning in to 2012 is a special hour where we will learn what to expect, how to prepare, and what we should be doing in the coming months to best anchor the energies in our businesses, our relationships and our lives.  Will it be turmoil?  Will it be chaotic?  Will there be an economic collapse?  Will we have food?  Or will it be calm and we won’t even notice that it’s the year 2012?  Be sure to join us NEXT TUESDAY, November 15th, for this call so that you can be ready for 2012 and whatever it brings. Click Here to register.

Did you see the Full Moon yesterday?  Remember that Full Moon energy stays with us for 3 days after the day of the Full Moon so we are still experiencing the energy of letting go.  Take some time over the next 3 days to decide consciously that you will release something that is no longer serving your highest good.  What are you ready to see leave?  Check your ideas and beliefs, too.  What are you ready to stop believing because it is no longer true for you?  Allow the Full Moon energy to gently take with it in its waning phase whatever you can release now.

Enjoy the depths of this season where you are.  The Autumn leaves are beautiful here in Maryland.  And, yes, I arrived safely and have been enjoying family time here.  On to the East Coast adventure!  If you’re one of my Maryland/DC friends let’s get together soon!


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