This is our 100th issue of the Wisdom Connections Ezine!  For nearly 2 full years we have shared the wisdom of The Divine Feminine every week to help you in your personal growth.  This calls for celebrating!  In honor of the 100th issue I would like to make a special offer to our loyal ezine subscribers – the first 10 of you who request the offer will receive a 30-minute Mystic Coaching video conference session with me for only $100!  This is a substantial discount and I am looking forward to helping you along your path of Conscious Living.  Email me at: and put “100 offer” in the subject line.  I’ll get back to you to schedule your session, using video conferencing so we can see each other!

During May we are staying home in Colorado Springs but in June we will be in Los Angeles, Annapolis, Maryland and New York City.  If you’re in any of those areas, I’d love to hook up with you.  I’m offering private coaching sessions and Conversations with The Other Side in the areas that I’ll be visiting, and I am looking for hosts for the events.  These are fun and educational experiences with every attendee [space is very limited] receiving a personal message from an angel, spirit guide or loved one on The Other Side.  If you would like to host a Conversation and invite a few of your friends, send me an email and we’ll get that event on the calendar.

Spring has finally arrived and you [I hope!] won’t see me complaining about cold and snow anymore on Facebook.  [If you haven’t found me there yet, please go to ‘Rosemary Bredeson – The Scientific Mystic’ and join us!]  And with Spring in North America comes our Mothers’ Day on Sunday, May 8th.  Honor your Mother and those who are like a mother to you.  Remember, too, to honor Mother Earth!

Happy Mothers’ Day to all Mothers! And have a wonderful week celebrating the Merry Month of May!



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