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MUSE-INGS: Do You Feel That You Are Not Enough?

Funny how, when we choose to believe the ‘not enough’ myth in one area of life, we seem to overshadow other areas with ‘not enough’ mentality. If it all starts with a sense of ‘not enough time’ then we really must be careful about sliding into a belief that ‘I am not enough.’

This belief in the self as not enough can be an insidious belief that creeps into our unconscious mind from childhood and sits there coloring all that we do, without presenting itself for us to examine. Doesn’t it seem as if most of us were chosen last for the kickball teams? [or at least our remembrance/perception is that we were always the last one picked!] Somewhere in our childhood some kid chose to play with our friend and exclude us. At some point a parent or teacher sent us the message that we weren’t good enough, even if it was inadvertent or unconscious. [‘Why didn’t you get a better grade on that?’ ‘I wish you were like your brother!’ ‘When I was a kid…’ ‘When your room is clean enough for my standards then you can have ice cream.’] No matter the source, the little kid inside us has embraced the notion that ‘I’m not good enough.’

So now we are adults, scurrying through life with huge to-do lists and stress and time pressures. How many times have you heard [or said], ‘There’s never enough time!’?

I think the message for us is to recreate our relationship to time so that we can remove the ‘not enough’ energy from our being. What if we were to declare that there is just enough time to do what needs to be done in any given day? Doesn’t that take some pressure off us as we judge ourselves deficient because we didn’t accomplish everything we set out to do? We think we’re not enough when we decide there’s not enough time.

This is related to my mantra: Everyone is doing the best they can with the resources they have at any given time.

In this present moment, you are making choices about what you will and will not do in that moment. You are making the best choice you can with what you know right then. You might get some feedback that would cause you to make a different choice later but, in that moment, with what you had to work with, you made the best choice possible. And all you have is the present moment. You aren’t leaping forward to see what the consequences might be and what you might learn, then coming back to the present to decide your action. You make a choice in the moment and act on it. Then you get the feedback.

Each of us only has the present moment in which to live. If we worry about the past or the future we take energy out of this present moment. This moment is enough. WE are enough. Every choice is a lesson to be learned, bringing with it all the feedback we need at just the right time.

Be enough. Believe that you are enough. You have enough time. The corollary is that, if you didn’t get it done, it wasn’t meant to be done in that moment.

Now relax.

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MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Not Enough Time?

Dear Ones,

Time is speeding up for everyone on Earth and there is a certain level of panic about it in some people. For millennia human beings have lived with an unconscious understanding that time would pass at a certain rate and that there would always be time enough for anything they wanted to do. Lives were shorter for most humans in history and there was an understanding that one lived each day to its fullest potential because there were no guarantees about tomorrow. People lived in harmony with the seasons and the Sun because they measured time by the signals from them.

In the 21st Century, human beings are living in an artificially created concept of time, where everything is instantly available and changing so rapidly that change can barely be measured before the next change occurs. There is an underlying anxiety of ‘not enough time’ and this translates into a feeling of ‘not enough’ about everything in life. This sense of lack starts with time.

There is a certain peace available to those who live in harmony with Nature and her cycles and without the demands and stress of a timed schedule that requires humans to deny their natural rhythms and the rhythm of the spheres, of Nature. Waking with the Sun, choosing activities based on the season, eating the foods that are available during that season and storing those that can be stored for the times when no food is growing. Travel was slower and so adjusting the body to the new location was easier on the systems. Most people didn’t travel very far from home and so they learned to be in consonance with their usual surroundings. Time was not a pressure but something with which one learned to live as a part of natural life.

Today you are always worried about deadlines and schedules and the pressure of traffic and travel and the expectations that you put on yourselves is artificially created. Can you take some time today to slow your pace and breathe deeply of the atmosphere provided by Mother Earth? Can you look at your schedule and program into it some time for contemplation, peaceful existence rather than busy-ness? Can you reduce the ‘to-do’ list so that you are not feeling at the end of the day as if there is never enough time?

You create for yourself anxiety around a belief of ‘never enough’ when you make for yourself an expectation that you must accomplish more than you can reasonably expect to do in a particular day. Even if you do complete everything on your to-do list for today, will you feel at peace? Will you relax? Or will you be jumping ahead to worry about what is coming next?

In this time of great transition one of the first places that you must explore is your concept of time and your relationship to the time that you have. It is true that the Earth is experiencing some changes that are making this human idea of time as seconds ticking away on a clock seem to be moving at a faster pace than in the past. It is true that the day is no longer the same 24 hours that you used to feel that it was. And so being present to each moment as it presents itself to you becomes that much more important.

Take each moment and live it fully. Do not ask what you can do in that moment but, rather, ask who you will BE. Allow the ‘doing’ to flow from the ‘being’ and you will feel that there is plenty of time.

Work to overcome your sense of ‘not enough time’ and you will feel that there is enough of everything in your life!

And so it is.

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Mystic Message: Do you know why you live longer than your ancestors?

Dear Ones,

Time is speeding up on Planet Earth and there is little time left for people to play around with their mission for this lifetime. What are you doing each day to fulfill your purpose in being alive at this time in the history of humanity? Are you even aware of your purpose in spending this time on the Planet?

In days of the past people were content to live out their lives in simplistic ways with most of their energy going to survival. The human life span was far shorter than it is in these current days. Do you know the reason for this? It is because each human being who is incarnated on Planet Earth in these times has an important mission to fulfill to support the evolution of human consciousness and more years are needed to fulfill these missions than were needed in times past.

Does this surprise you? Think of how complex the world of the 21st Century is and think about how difficult daily life can be for many people. So-called ‘modern conveniences’ can actually complicate a lifestyle that would be much simpler without those conveniences. Connectivity around the Planet is amazing and fast but can also be used to distract a person from the importance of fulfilling their life purpose. Technology can be used to further understanding and the advancement of consciousness or it can be used to harm or degrade others. The ability to connect through mobile phones and the internet have taken away the solitude that a lack of connectivity necessarily creates.

Think about your day, your week. How much time do you spend in solitude? Not being alone with your computer, cell phone, TV, radio, iPod, video games. How much time do you spend unplugged from technology, separate from other people, alone with your thoughts? Do you meditate? Do you do some other activity that is meditative for you? Do you commune with Nature? Do you take time to smell the flowers? Are you happy being alone with your thoughts or do you require some outside stimulation, like a TV or radio or email or facebook connection?

When you are living a Conscious Life you see the value in being separated from other people and outside input. How can you fulfill your own life purpose if you are too busy or distracted to find out what it is? There are many sources for you to learn about your life purpose, including targeted coaching and scientific hand analysis. But are you possibly avoiding learning this because then you will feel a responsibility to make something happen in your life?

This week take some time to ‘go inside’ – to journal or meditate or walk in Nature and listen to your own thoughts. Where are those thoughts leading you? Do you feel that you know why you are on Planet Earth at this time or do you feel that there is something more for you if you just knew what it was?

Time is speeding up and you must be about your mission on the Earth. Discover what that is. Find the person who can help you with this discovery and move yourself forward on your personal journey of growth. You have been given more years than your ancestors because you have much to accomplish. Be about this work today.

You will love the feeling of living your own life purpose!

And so it is.


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MUSE-INGS: Live Your Values Consciously! by Rosemary Bredeson

It feels as if we are frequently being asked to ask ourselves, “What really matters?”  We get all worked up about something that bothers or frustrates or upsets us.  But if we pause and ask, “What really matters in this situation?” would we get so worked up?

It really does seem as if time is speeding up and that the days no longer have the full 24 hours available to us.  Does it seem that way to you, too?  Whether it’s the Photon Belt or the Earth’s rotation on its axis or some other reason, the FEELING that time is speeding up can lead us to making some decisions about  how to spend the time that we do have.

I know there are many days that I wake up with an expectation of what my to-do list looks like but I seem to get caught up in the drama of the day and often get pulled off that list to take care of someone else’s drama.  I’m sure that has happened to you, too, hasn’t it?  So how do we take back control of our own time?

The first step is to decide what our own values are.  Not what we wish they were or what we think they should be, but what we truly believe our values are, deep in our heart.  I learned some good exercises when I trained in NLP [Neuro-Linguistic Programming] that help to identify the values that our unconscious minds hold and they are often not what we ‘think’ our values are.  How can this be?  Our conscious minds use logic not emotion when coming up with a list of values but our unconscious minds develop the list from our emotional beliefs and understandings, of ourselves and of our lives.  The unconscious mind is focused on surviving the day, based on whatever it believes about our safety and security.  While one’s conscious mind might think that eating healthy foods is a high value, the unconscious mind might be remembering a time when food was scarce and created a desire to eat everything in sight in case there’s no more food to eat later.  One’s conscious mind might think that being with friends is the most important thing to do today while the unconscious mind might be craving some alone time.  The body might respond to this values conflict by creating illness so that the alone time takes precedence over the friend time.

Do you see how this works?  Have you ever experienced this seeming contradiction?  What do you do about it?

Well, as in most things, when living a Conscious Life, the first thing to do is to hit the ‘pause button’ and really look at how time is being spent.  Again, not in how you wish it were but in how it is realistically being devoted to activities.  Keep a time diary, in 15 minute increments, for a few days.  No judgments here, just record, from a curious, non-judgmental and accepting viewpoint.  Do you need more alone time? You might see you are pulling out of social engagements, always having a good reason but maybe it is because you have said ‘yes’ to something that your unconscious mind wanted you to say ‘no’ to.  Are you avoiding being with someone that you think you like but that you seem to have lots of reasons to avoid?  Maybe that person really doesn’t resonate with you but you haven’t yet figured out how to shift things so that you don’t have to spend time with them.

The list can go on and on, but the important thing to realize is that, conscious or unconscious, your values, what really matters to you, is driving your life at some level.  Even if you frequently make choices that contradict the values of your unconscious mind, you will start to find the debilitating nature of illness or accident or drama pointing the way for you to find answers about what you truly value in your life.

Doesn’t it make sense to do the personal growth work so that you can become conscious about your values and the choices that you are making?  Make a commitment to start this work today!


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THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: “Is Yours a Values-Driven Schedule?”

Dear Ones,

It is time. Time for you to get serious about what really matters to you in your life.  Are you being consistent?  Do you say, for example, that family is important to you but do you spend all your time working?  Do you say that your personal growth is important but sports are taking up so much time that you have no time left to work on yourself?  Do you think that taking care of yourself is selfish and so you focus on giving to others until you are totally depleted and have nothing left to give, to others or to yourself?

There are so many ways that your life can reflect choices that do not seem to be consistent with what you believe to be your highest values.  We would tell you that time is speeding up, in ways you probably wouldn’t understand yet, but that you don’t have time to ‘play dumb’ with the time that you have.  In any given day your needs must be met in a shorter period of time than you used to have to focus on yourself.  There are many demands on your time and the days actually do seem to be getting shorter, not just in daylight hours in the Northern Hemisphere!  So let us tell you why it is so important that you take time for yourself, every day.

The Universe and Mother Earth agreed that you were needed on Planet Earth at this very moment.  You agreed to incarnate, under the conditions you chose, to fulfill a mission on Earth during your lifetime.  You agreed with other beings that you would all be on Earth together and that you would assist each other in fulfilling those missions by being the person you agreed to be.

NOW is the moment.  TODAY is the day.  Do you feel that you are being the person you incarnated to be?

When you are focused on urgent and important activities you might allow yourself to get distracted from what really matters to your Inner Being.  Are you so busy that you are not being ‘you’?  Are you so distracted that you are feeling disconnected from your purpose?  These are the signals that you must take control of your choices on a daily basis and line up your energy with your values.

Have you ever examined your values?  Not just what you think you should write on a list that someone else might read, but we are talking here about your deep, essential core values, the ones that drive your life.  Your unconscious mind is operating based on a structure of values that might not match that list you would show to another.  It is a good thing to periodically examine the list that your unconscious mind adheres to.  It is also a good thing to think about what you would like your values to be and to examine your daily expenditures of time to see if they coincide.

Many people slide through their days taking care of urgent things but never getting to the items that feel important to them.  Are you one of these people?

And what value structure are you using to decide what is important?  Is it truly your own or have you adopted someone else’s list without questioning if this is in consonance with your own values?  This is easy to do, especially when you are in relationship with another person or people.  But it is essential that you pause and study how you are spending your time.  Are you giving an amount of time to what really matters that matches its value to you?

Think about these things as you go through your day today.  Who decided what is important for you today?  And how much time do you have for what is really important to you?  Take time for yourself, for apportioning your time according to your values is a sign that you are living a Conscious Life.

And so it is.


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