THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: “Is Yours a Values-Driven Schedule?”

Dear Ones,

It is time. Time for you to get serious about what really matters to you in your life.  Are you being consistent?  Do you say, for example, that family is important to you but do you spend all your time working?  Do you say that your personal growth is important but sports are taking up so much time that you have no time left to work on yourself?  Do you think that taking care of yourself is selfish and so you focus on giving to others until you are totally depleted and have nothing left to give, to others or to yourself?

There are so many ways that your life can reflect choices that do not seem to be consistent with what you believe to be your highest values.  We would tell you that time is speeding up, in ways you probably wouldn’t understand yet, but that you don’t have time to ‘play dumb’ with the time that you have.  In any given day your needs must be met in a shorter period of time than you used to have to focus on yourself.  There are many demands on your time and the days actually do seem to be getting shorter, not just in daylight hours in the Northern Hemisphere!  So let us tell you why it is so important that you take time for yourself, every day.

The Universe and Mother Earth agreed that you were needed on Planet Earth at this very moment.  You agreed to incarnate, under the conditions you chose, to fulfill a mission on Earth during your lifetime.  You agreed with other beings that you would all be on Earth together and that you would assist each other in fulfilling those missions by being the person you agreed to be.

NOW is the moment.  TODAY is the day.  Do you feel that you are being the person you incarnated to be?

When you are focused on urgent and important activities you might allow yourself to get distracted from what really matters to your Inner Being.  Are you so busy that you are not being ‘you’?  Are you so distracted that you are feeling disconnected from your purpose?  These are the signals that you must take control of your choices on a daily basis and line up your energy with your values.

Have you ever examined your values?  Not just what you think you should write on a list that someone else might read, but we are talking here about your deep, essential core values, the ones that drive your life.  Your unconscious mind is operating based on a structure of values that might not match that list you would show to another.  It is a good thing to periodically examine the list that your unconscious mind adheres to.  It is also a good thing to think about what you would like your values to be and to examine your daily expenditures of time to see if they coincide.

Many people slide through their days taking care of urgent things but never getting to the items that feel important to them.  Are you one of these people?

And what value structure are you using to decide what is important?  Is it truly your own or have you adopted someone else’s list without questioning if this is in consonance with your own values?  This is easy to do, especially when you are in relationship with another person or people.  But it is essential that you pause and study how you are spending your time.  Are you giving an amount of time to what really matters that matches its value to you?

Think about these things as you go through your day today.  Who decided what is important for you today?  And how much time do you have for what is really important to you?  Take time for yourself, for apportioning your time according to your values is a sign that you are living a Conscious Life.

And so it is.


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