ngc-5584Labor Day! Here in the US this signals the end of Summer. School has started for the kids, swimming pools are closing. Nights are getting cooler and days are getting noticeably shorter. Sigh…

And yet I love the Autumn, when the leaves change colors and air crisps up and we can wear clothes with sleeves in them again. (I’m not particularly fond of being hot!) So bring it on!

We are still in the energy of the growing New Moon so keep your focus on bringing in what you desire. Have you ever made a crystal grid? Set an intention and arrange some crystals or gemstones (or rocks and jewelry) in a pattern that appeals to you. Invite what you need, for your Highest Good, to come into your energy space. Light a candle near this every day. Maybe add some incense. Keep your unconscious mind focused on the positive thoughts of what you are attracting and stay in gratitude for having already, in some dimension, received it. Practice moving your thoughts from what you don’t have to what you are accepting from the benevolent Universe.

I am so excited about the wisdom and guidance that The Divine Feminine are sharing with us each month! The Oracle Speaks event in the Sun sign of Virgo was really deep teachings and covered many sources of information and support that humans might be unaware are around (like whales who created their own internet!). If you couldn’t join us live, you can still purchase the recordings of The Oracle Speaks events. I urge you to listen to these! Those who have attended have benefited from the profound guidance they received. Details are here: The Oracle Speaks

The next Possibilities Playshop is scheduled for September 20 in Severna Park, Maryland. These are really fun times to play, connect with your guides, create and/or update your personal Playbook, and explore possibilities for the coming months. Learn more and grab one of the limited spaces while the Early Bird Discount Investment applies! This is a great way to get ready for the Fall Equinox (September 22) and for the rest of 2014. Give yourself a day to hang out with some other fun folks and come play with us! Here’s more info: Possibilities Playshop

Enjoy your final Summer fling and plan to start off the Fall Season with a time to play in the field of all possibilities with us!


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