MYSTIC MESSAGE: from The Divine Feminine: “Joy — the Reward for Being Who You Really Are!”

Dear Ones,

Joy is a gift that you give yourself when you do the inner work required to experience personal and spiritual growth.  Think about how important it is to do the work, constantly and devotedly, to live a Conscious Life.  You cannot take ‘time off’ from this work.  But it does not need to be tedious.

When you make the commitment to live consciously you open yourself to the awareness of Life that starts within you.  Everything you do or think is then focused through the lens of the greater picture of how you live, what you choose and how you fit into the fabric of the Universe in a given moment.  Once you have learned the importance of becoming awake and aware at all times, you cannot go back to sleep.  Oh, you can choose at times to act as if you are ignorant of what we are saying, but there will always be a part of you that is longing for that consciousness of the greater import of what you are choosing and how you are living your life.

And Joy is the reward for living the Conscious Life!  This Joy of which we speak is the Joy that resides deep within you, that cannot be shaken by outer circumstances.  You will feel this deep Joy when you are staying awake and aware of the choices you make in a given day.  Noticing what is required of you by the others around you gives you a hint of the consequences of choosing to go back to sleep. People need for you to stay awake.  People around you have a need for you to be who you are, at all times.  When you find yourself believing that you must put up a false front for someone, question whether that person really needs to be in your life at this time.

Think about that.  If you cannot be yourself, your true, authentic, self, at all times with a person, then why are you in relationship with that person?  Time is speeding up for humans on Planet Earth at this time and there is no time to waste playing the game of being a different person for each other person with whom you interact.  Do you feel that you are walking on eggshells around a certain person because you cannot relax and be who you are?  Are you concerned about losing the love or respect of someone because you do not have the energy to keep up the pretense of being what they want or expect instead of who you really are?

Own your very essence, the true being that you are at your core.  The time for pretense has long passed.  Now is the time for authenticity.  Do you struggle with knowing who you really are?  Are you concerned that you have lost touch with your authentic inner self?  Then get some help in that discovery.  Go inside.  Consult with a guide.  Meditate or journal or work with someone until you know, with certainty, who you are.

For you are very important to the Plan of the Universe as it is unfolding.  The 21st Century is a time where this Plan is developing and expanding and manifesting the reality of the rest of the Century and you play an integral part in that Plan.  But first you must be clear about who you are.  Then you must be that and only that.

And we promise you that Joy is the reward you will receive for committing to be your authentic self in the World!

And so it is.


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