Commitment and Solutions – Richard’s Commentary

We are just returning from the West Coast and Suzanne Evans’ Be The Change Event she hosted in Las Vegas. This event coupled with the Cardinal Grand Cross bookended by two eclipses has truly been a transformative time for both Rosemary and me. However, one of the key take-aways from BTCE and Suzanne’s teachings is, there is no transformation possible without commitment!

In her bigger-than-life style, from both her power center and her heart, Suzanne demonstrated over and over what commitment means. If you don’t know her, look her up. If you do know her there is little I can say to emphasize my point about her and her events. She is committed. And she teaches the need for that level of commitment if we are to make a difference, to “Be the Change”, to transform ourselves in any meaningful and purposeful way.

It takes commitment. Not lip-service, not half-hearted acknowledgement that we are all here for a purpose, not even dedication of time, resources, energy and money. We have to be all in!

But how do we know what to commit to? If we are called to action, to commitment, how can we be sure that our path is the right one and our choices lead to fulfillment of our commitment?

In her Exploration article Rosemary channeled The Divine Feminine and here’s what they say about that:

For so many of you there have been problems in your life that you have struggled to handle. Money, relationship, children, career. These problems exist in the 3-dimensional world of Planet Earth. Your pain, whether only emotional or a combination of emotional/mental/physical, is also a 3-dimensional pain.

But we would tell you that there are many dimensions beyond the 3 you are considering and your solutions lie beyond where you are searching for them.

Do you look for solutions that lie beyond the 3-dimensions? Do you go inside and ask for guidance from your “Inner Knower”? And when you ask do you listen? And trust the answers?

The key to this examination of 3-dimensional problems solved by multi-dimensional exploration is trust. This is one of the key components to Rosemary’s teaching. As a man this is one of the key teachings I pay attention to and learn from. I am still learning this key. I go inside for answers often. And I do hear and sense the advice I seek. And I am still learning the trust part!

The secret here is gut instinct…trust your gut. Too often I get that feeling that something is about to happen; I need to prepare or participate. But then I ignore the sense of it and go about my business as I PLANNED IT. This is the downfall: to be so stuck in “the plan” that there is no room for trust!

And the secret to this trust is to go through and beyond the fear. The Divine Feminine say:

Focus on what you DO WANT and commit your energy to making that happen, even if it scares you.

Suzanne echoed this advice many times through this past weekend conference; when your next step scares the hell out of you then you know you are on the right track!

Are you that committed?



ROSEMARY’S INSPIRATION: What Are You Committed To?

My “Two-Minute” Video for this Week: What Are You Committed To?

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Commitment and Solutions

A message from The Divine Feminine:

“Dear Ones,

You are being invited into a new level of conscious living on Planet Earth at this time. Will you accept the invitation?

For so many of you there have been problems in your life that you have struggled to handle. Money, relationship, children, career. These problems exist in the 3-dimensional world of Planet Earth. Your pain, whether only emotional or a combination of emotional/mental/physical, is also a 3-dimensional pain.

But we would tell you that there are many dimensions beyond the 3 you are considering and your solutions lie beyond where you are searching for them.

Have you learned to access your Inner Wisdom? Your Spirit Guides and Angels? Do you meditate? Pray? Journal? Seek counseling/mentoring?

We understand that, when there are problems in life, it is tempting to constantly consider the problems while hoping for the solutions to appear. You are, however, not a slave to your circumstances or to your problems. You are empowered to seek solutions wherever they may reside. And focusing on the problems continues to give them power in your life.

The empowered approach to solutions is to seek them without the attachment to the problem. If you focus on your problems you energize them at a low vibrational density that causes you to anchor yourself in that density. If, instead, you focus on what you can do to shift your circumstances, what you can try, even if success is not guaranteed, then you can operate at a higher frequency level and lift yourself out of your story.

Solutions are always available. They may not be the solutions you want but you are always presented with only those situations that you are ready to handle. Sometimes the solution is to decide to take no action. Or maybe to change your thinking about what you have decided to call a ‘problem’ so that you can accept the situation and no longer deem it a ‘problem.’ And sometimes there are actions to take to move you toward resolution.

No matter where the solution lies, your responsibility is to your personal growth and, therefore, you must be committed to working in a way that is focused on evolving and not just on ending a problem.

Concentrate on your commitment level to that which you desire. Are you congruent? Are you committed enough to sacrifice something to achieve your goals? Are you committed enough to focus on where you want to be instead of what has happened or where you have been?

This is the commitment that problems invite from you. Do what is required for you to grow through the experience of finding solutions. Focus on what you DO WANT and commit your energy to making that happen, even if it scares you.

Your level of commitment to changing your circumstances determines the success of your efforts to change.

It is always about commitment.

And so it is.”

Thank you for this message.

I invite you to look at your life and your challenges and commit to taking some action toward what you desire rather than focusing on what is happening around you. YOU can change yourself and, thus, your life.

What’s Your Commitment Level? – Richard’s Commentary

Life Purpose; Commitment; the Universe is waiting. And:

I can assure you that no one’s Life Purpose is to play small in the world. Remember that there are a lot of other souls waiting for you to show up to play your part.

This is heavy stuff; a challenge! Am I ready? Am I already living my purpose? How can I know, for sure?

A number of years ago I did a values assessment exercise. I listed out my top five or so values, the usual. And I wrote my “morning pages” on each value across several days. I worked hard on this. Then I reflected on these values and I began to reduce them, to simplify them into a formula I could easily follow. The result is pretty simple:


A bit of time after I worked through this exercise, I learned about Scientific Hand Analysis. This approach, to determine things about ourselves from our finger and hand-prints is both fun and pretty amazing. Turns out my fingerprints are all of one kind, loops. And the simple meaning of this is my Life Purpose is Love! I also happen to be in the School of Love and my Lessons revolve around Love.

Now, this too seems pretty simple! (Believe me it’s not!). And it certainly aligns with my values nicely! But here’s the thing: that first word in my “simple” values statement is Practice! Oh, yeah. I’ve got to practice this! Every day, in every way.

And, following Rosemary’s reminder, I have to commit to this 100%. There’s no playing small here. There is no end either; no limits, no boundaries. No perfection!

But then just a day or so ago a poem came to me in an interesting context: on Sunday I had taken a day off, completely off, no practice, no schedule, no thinking, a real day of rest. Then as I reflected on this day off, I came back to my purpose, my values:


Two words,
A gesture.
A flow:
No striving
No stress
No cramming
No rush
No push
No list
No deadlines
No wish
No angst
No want
No grief
No fear
No anger
Only breath!
In time
With All.

©2014 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.



Guidance from The Divine Feminine that gives us all Hope.

“Dear Ones,

Now is the time for you to fulfill your fantasies for a dream life.

How far will you go? Do you realize that there is nothing holding you back?

Oh, you might think that you need more money or time or a different job or a different location, but the truth is that you have all that you need for your dream life inside you NOW.

Where are you looking for your resources? Are you waiting to win the lottery? If so, are you buying tickets? Are you using the word ‘someday’ in your vocabulary of dreams, always placing that dream in the far distant future? Do you know what you actually need to take a step in the direction of your dreams?

You need Clarity, Commitment and Consciousness.

Clarity will bring that distant, hazy dream into clear focus. You will see what it is that is truly your heart’s desire, instead of something that is ‘out there’ in a vague form. The more you can clarify the vision, the easier it will be to concentrate your energies in that direction. The more details that you can identify, the easier it will be to take specific steps to manifest that dream.

In gaining clarity about your dream, you must also ask yourself if this is your dream or someone else’s. Does this dream start in your Heart-Mind or does it come from something you think you should desire? Be very clear about the source of this dream! When you dig deeply into where it was born, you might surprise yourself to see that it is something you have dreamed for a long time but it is not really what you desire for yourself. You might hear someone else’s voice describing that dream. Or the long-held dream might have been the desire of a younger you but is no longer relevant as you have grown and matured and expanded your consciousness. Be sure about that dream.

Once your dream is clear to you, Commitment is required. It is easy to commit to a bold dream that comes from your own Heart-Mind! You WANT to make it happen. It is compelling and draws you forward into the new you. Your commitment to realizing this dream is not based on someone else’s measure or the ‘shoulds’ that live in your head. It is, instead, a vision of you living your best and richest life with the fullness of your energy working toward your own happiness and joy.

With Clarity and Commitment compelling you forward, it is time to bring your Consciousness into alignment with the vision of your dream life. If you have a vision of yourself living this dream life, but you cannot imagine that you can possibly get there, then your Consciousness is what must shift before anything in your physical reality can allow the manifestation of that dream.

What thought patterns have you been living that have held you from already realizing that dream? What beliefs have you held that have kept that dream at a distance from you? What are you holding onto in your life that is energetically holding you back from living the vision that you hold?

Shifting your limiting beliefs and any negative thoughts allows you to fully embrace that vision and sail forward toward the destination. And what you will find is that the destination continues your journey, for living your dreams creates the belief that you can continue to dream even bigger dreams and that you can make THEM come true, too!

Dream BIG!!! With Clarity, Commitment and Consciousness you can live that dream!

And so it is.”

Rosemary’s Comment: If this seems like too big a task, then start with Clarity. Work on defining, in great detail, what it is that you desire for yourself and your life now. Take the step and the leap will follow!

PS: I can help you with your big dreams! I channeled an hour-long message from The Divine Feminine on the Winter Solstice; they offered guidance and advice on what we might expect in 2014, and how to approach the year’s energies. Expect more change! The transformation continues! This message is available as an MP3 recording for a modest price; check out the details here: Winter Solstice Message

MUSE-INGS: Conscious Confidence for the Present Moment

Confidence can be such a difficult quality to develop. I can be confident in my ability to create a delicious dinner and yet lack the confidence required to get up on a horse and ride a trail. You might be confident in a one-on-one conversation and yet lack the confidence to feel comfortable speaking in front of 1,000-member audience. So what is the confidence we are feeling or not feeling?

When ‘confidence’ is really just an assurance that we are committed to living our Life Purpose in this lifetime on this Planet Earth, then we can relax and our only work is this commitment. Whew! That takes the heat off of us, doesn’t it? I mean, what if I know I am being the person I was born to BE, even if I’m not the best or most accomplished or most experienced at something I am trying to DO? Isn’t that the consciousness that we need to develop? Isn’t that how we can learn to feel confident?

I learned a long time ago that showing up to the present moment is the most important aspect of feeling confident. Even if I feel nervous or tentative about attempting something, I can gain confidence from the knowledge that I am doing the best I can and I can trust that everything will work out as it should. This comes from trusting in the unfolding plan of the Universe.

Trust is the key word here. Do you trust that the Universe has a plan that is unfolding as it should? Do you trust that you have a part in that plan and that your intuition is your connection to it? Have you learned to trust your intuition?

Each of us has a role to play in the story of the Earth as it is developing around us. The people around us are all players in the same story, whether we or they know it or not. Your soul agreed with mine before we were born that we would ‘play’ in this sandbox called Earth at the same time in some way. I trust that this agreement holds and that I am doing my best to fulfill my part. I commit to living the Life Purpose my soul told yours I would live before we started this time on Earth. By raising my own consciousness I’ve become aware of the greater plan and it’s unfolding on Earth in these days.

Are you working to expand your awareness of the great development called Human Evolution? This is about the evolution of consciousness, not about growing beyond tails and webbed feet! Personal growth work becomes the avenue to expanded consciousness and, thus, a commitment to your own personal growth benefits all of humanity.

And confidence comes from knowing that this grand scheme of ever-evolving consciousness includes you and who you are becoming at each step of the way. Trust that you are okay, that you are doing the best you can. Trust that your own intuition and inner guidance are leading you in the path of conscious evolution. Be confident in sharing who you are, right now, in this moment, with others, for that is the soul agreement that you entered into with them before birth. They and you agreed that you would be just that, the ‘who’ you came here to be, and that that was just enough for them in this moment.

Congratulations! Go confidently into your next moments!

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MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: The Consciousness of Desire

Dear Ones,

Rather than focus on what you have or do not have in your physical reality at this moment, spend your energy today focusing on who you are and who you can become in this moment.

Too much energy can be wasted by wanting something one does not have, or by worrying about something that one does have, and that energy is no longer available for advancing one’s personal growth. Are you focused on getting more money? Are you dreaming of having more/bigger/better ‘things’ in your life? There is nothing wrong with dreaming but the energy is not useful if it comes from a place of lacking something.

The energy of lack creates more lack in one’s life. Wishing for something one does not have creates a distance between one’s self and what is wished for. However, if you focus in gratitude on that which is already in your life, and look to yourself to decide WHO you must BE to grow, then the energy becomes a magnet of gratitude and a commitment to the personal growth required to be the person who has the things/situations you desire.

There is a deep connection between who you are and what is going on in the outer circumstances of your life. This is not to say that everything that happens to you is your ‘fault,’ although there are some who are quick to blame or find fault or talk about ‘deserving’ a fate. But you are a perpetual student of life, whether consciously or unconsciously, and so everything that is going on around you and in you carries with it the lesson of the classroom of your life in this present moment. Everything is presented to you as an opportunity to examine yourself, your values, your desires within the context of the lesson to be learned.

Are you feeling that you lack something in your life, like money or a relationship or a job? Ask yourself who you are being as you ponder that lack. There are those who focus on the space between the jobs and those who focus on who they are as the next job is coming to them. There are those who focus on the space between relationships and those who focus on who they are in relationship to their own inner being as the next relationship is or is not coming to them. The focus becomes an energy of Self, of Purpose, rather than of lack.

Can you see that by putting your attention on what you don’t have you energize that distance between what you do have/who you currently are and what you desire? It is like a carrot on a stick. The donkey is always trying to reach the carrot it desires but the carrot always stays the distance of the stick’s length away from being reached.

Focus instead on who you are right now. Are you a grateful person? Are you caring for the possessions that you do have? Or are you neglectful of yourself and others in your pursuit of the next ‘thing,’ maybe even the next achievement? Are you actively working on your personal growth, exploring and expanding your consciousness or are you contracting into a position of ‘I know everything I need to know’ which sends out an energy that does not magnetize growth and expansion?

Hold yourself in a position of constant personal growth. Keep expanding. Explore. But know that you are enough, your life holds all the lessons for you in this moment that you are needing to learn. Explore from a position of seeking growth and expansion, not one of lacking something that you need.

The energy shift will, ironically, bring you what you desire!

And so it is.

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