MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: The Consciousness of Desire

Dear Ones,

Rather than focus on what you have or do not have in your physical reality at this moment, spend your energy today focusing on who you are and who you can become in this moment.

Too much energy can be wasted by wanting something one does not have, or by worrying about something that one does have, and that energy is no longer available for advancing one’s personal growth. Are you focused on getting more money? Are you dreaming of having more/bigger/better ‘things’ in your life? There is nothing wrong with dreaming but the energy is not useful if it comes from a place of lacking something.

The energy of lack creates more lack in one’s life. Wishing for something one does not have creates a distance between one’s self and what is wished for. However, if you focus in gratitude on that which is already in your life, and look to yourself to decide WHO you must BE to grow, then the energy becomes a magnet of gratitude and a commitment to the personal growth required to be the person who has the things/situations you desire.

There is a deep connection between who you are and what is going on in the outer circumstances of your life. This is not to say that everything that happens to you is your ‘fault,’ although there are some who are quick to blame or find fault or talk about ‘deserving’ a fate. But you are a perpetual student of life, whether consciously or unconsciously, and so everything that is going on around you and in you carries with it the lesson of the classroom of your life in this present moment. Everything is presented to you as an opportunity to examine yourself, your values, your desires within the context of the lesson to be learned.

Are you feeling that you lack something in your life, like money or a relationship or a job? Ask yourself who you are being as you ponder that lack. There are those who focus on the space between the jobs and those who focus on who they are as the next job is coming to them. There are those who focus on the space between relationships and those who focus on who they are in relationship to their own inner being as the next relationship is or is not coming to them. The focus becomes an energy of Self, of Purpose, rather than of lack.

Can you see that by putting your attention on what you don’t have you energize that distance between what you do have/who you currently are and what you desire? It is like a carrot on a stick. The donkey is always trying to reach the carrot it desires but the carrot always stays the distance of the stick’s length away from being reached.

Focus instead on who you are right now. Are you a grateful person? Are you caring for the possessions that you do have? Or are you neglectful of yourself and others in your pursuit of the next ‘thing,’ maybe even the next achievement? Are you actively working on your personal growth, exploring and expanding your consciousness or are you contracting into a position of ‘I know everything I need to know’ which sends out an energy that does not magnetize growth and expansion?

Hold yourself in a position of constant personal growth. Keep expanding. Explore. But know that you are enough, your life holds all the lessons for you in this moment that you are needing to learn. Explore from a position of seeking growth and expansion, not one of lacking something that you need.

The energy shift will, ironically, bring you what you desire!

And so it is.

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