THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Why am I here? Who did I come to Earth to be?

Dear Ones,

Time is speeding up for the humans inhabiting Earth in these days and it is important that you begin to live your purpose if you have not begun to do so.  Are you waiting for a sign that the time has arrived for you to live and work in alignment with the purpose that your soul chose for this incarnation?  This is the sign – we are telling you that the time is arriving when you will need to step up to your purpose or the others on the Planet will be forced to find someone else to help them.

Each of you was born with a direct path through your life that would manifest the purpose that your soul chose for you to support you in learning the lessons of this lifetime.  Some people are marching along the path of their life without bothering to look for the lessons and these people are disappointing the other souls who had contracts with them.  Do you know about soul contracts?

Before you came onto Planet Earth you met with a group of other souls and you agreed collectively that you would share the Earth experience with each other, each of you playing a role to support the others in learning their lessons.  Some of these souls agreed to incarnate as part of your family, others you agreed to meet later in your life, and still others were peripheral to your lifetime but would be affected by your choices.  Then you came to Earth and promptly had amnesia about who these souls were.  Sometimes you feel a sense of recognition when you meet in your physical life and sometimes you have no idea of the connection.

But you did agree to learn your lessons and to help others learn theirs.

So what has happened to your commitment?  This is why it is so important to answer the question for yourself: Why am I here?  Who did I come to Earth to be?

As you grow in Consciousness the answers appear to you.  Are you actively seeking these answers or are you putting this off until some nebulous time in the future?  Are you looking at the people around you as your soul group and asking yourself how you came to Earth to help them?  And is there a bigger role for you to play for the world at large?

Spend some time asking these questions.  Spend some time examining your life for the many ways that lessons have presented themselves to you.  Can you look back on experiences and understand what the lessons were for you?  Can you look around yourself today and examine every situation for the lesson being shown to you in that situation?

This perspective gives you a bit of distance from situations and allows you to learn the lesson and move on, especially from situations that are uncomfortable or even painful.  There is usually more to learn from stepping into a view above a situation than to stay stuck in the middle where your vision is limited or obscured.  Don’t allow yourself to be misled by those who would steer you off the path of learning your lessons, and they are around you.  There is no reward for living someone else’s direction for your life.  You have come to Planet Earth to live YOUR life, to follow YOUR guidance for your life, and to learn YOUR lessons.  Make sure that your focus is on what you are to learn and how you are to help others learn their lessons.

And if someone tries to make you live your life according to the way they want to dictate it, then ask yourself what you are to learn from the interaction, learn the lesson and move on.  Listen to your inner guidance about your life and you will be led to your lessons.

And so it is.



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