hubble-roseAre you ready for March?  Is it coming in like a Lion or a Lamb where you are?  We have so many traditions about this time of year that it gets exciting to be watching for the signs of Spring and planning for planting our gardens and welcoming the Sun and warmer weather.  And to our friends Down Under – we’ll send our warm wishes as things heat up in this hemisphere and cool down Down Under!

We’ve added new birdfeeders to the yard so we can enjoy our feathered friends as they visit.  I highly recommend this small investment for the great pleasure it brings the family to watch the birds.  Nature gives us the gift of others to share her bounty with, and watching their antics is great entertainment, for the price of a few birdseeds.

Lots of fun around here, too, as we get ready for the Rainbow Balance Color Therapy Class this month in Maryland!  We’re putting together some fun materials and exercises and I’ll have to talk fast to get everything said that I want to share with the students.  I hope you have already registered to get the advantage of the Early Bird Investment!  If you haven’t and you call me today, March 1, I can probably still get you into the class at that level.  Here are the details for you if you want to learn how to develop your intuition and use color for healing, relationships, finances and empowerment: Details

Putting the finishing touches, too, on my workshop at the CCBC Women’s Expo in Baltimore, Maryland on Saturday, March 16 at 3:00.  This Expo should be a great gathering of women and men with lots of breakout sessions and exhibitors to support women and small businesses in the area.  If you’re a Marylander or in the area, please stop by.  Tickets are only $5 for the Expo that is all day Saturday and Sunday, March 16-17.

Did the Full Moon last Monday hit you like a ton of bricks?  Sometimes they are gentle and at other times they are powerful.  This one seemed to have a lot of energy with it and we’re finally emerging from it’s strongest influence.  But as the Moon wanes to New we are still supported by the energy of letting go of whatever is in our environment, including our emotional environment, that no longer serves our highest good.  What facades have you erected as protection that it’s now time to release?  What emotions are addictions for you that you are ready to release?  I’m finding my clients all seem to be ready to let go of some story from their past that has kept them anchored in a certain posture that is not the 2013 person they have become.  Release what doesn’t serve you!

And, speaking of astrological energies, Mercury is still Retrograde [appearing to move backward when viewed from Earth] so communications can be farbled or lost in cyberspace.  Double check your emails and texts and voicemails.  Reread anything that you are signing.  Go inside and review your life – what do you want to change?  Get ready to change after Mercury goes Direct on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, and it’s effect can continue until April 6.  So use caution and be aware that everyone else is also being a bit distracted – drive defensively!

If you’re ready to do that inner work and would like to have the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for, now is a good time to join the Shift – Drive – Soar! Program and really move through your blocks to the Abundance that awaits you on the other side!  For a Complimentary Discovery Session to see if you’re ready for your breakthrough, complete the application here and we’ll chat by phone soon: Discovery Session.  I would love to be a resource for you to connect to your JOY!!!

Have a wonderful week. May March come in like a Lamb where you are!


It’s a Sign!!! – Richard’s Commentary

Inside-outside; optimism-pessimism; half-full-half-empty. There’s a spiral of thoughts here in Rosemary’s Exploration to digest. And somehow the article this week points directly at me!

I’ve been an optimist all my life. And I live a reasonably healthy internal life and do look for confirming signs all around me. And then I went to the doctor last week.

It’s funny Rosemary should use the example: “You might have been given a medical diagnosis that you don’t like.” My doctor visit, the first in several years, was just routine; I thought I should get a new base-line of all the numbers western medicine is so fond of analyzing. I feel in excellent health, eating well on a pretty strict regimen of raw nut, seed, fruit and vegetable smoothies for breakfast and lunch, exercising with yoga and qigong, meditating, working for myself and a pretty gentle boss (Rosemary); all good things right? So, the nurse took my blood pressure and seemed pretty alarmed; “all the celery in your smoothies doesn’t seem to be working” she remarked.

OK, I’ve had an issue with high blood pressure before; it’s a genetic condition. I have taken medication in the past but then controlled it reasonably well with Chinese herbs, acupuncture, etc. I thought I was good to go for life! Not so! The external sign here is a warning that things need to change even more.

And I am resisting this change; my resistance is not improving my blood pressure a bit! I am ignoring the external signs, but struggling to change the internal perspective in order to see the external signs change. While I remain an optimist my glass seems to be closer to empty than full! Am I fooling myself?

Since my experience at Qi Revolution with Jeff Primack I have been practicing his Level 1 Qigong Form every day. I am getting prepared for Level 1 training this Saturday. And I am planning to go for certification to teach Level 1 a week later on March 9th. I am optimistic that I can achieve this goal. I am changing my diet to include many of Jeff’s recommendations in his Conquering Any Disease book, following many of his suggestions for reducing high blood pressure (yep, more celery!) and curing heart disease. More internal changes.

Now, I realize this is a life-change and not an over-night change that I’m working on here. It’s only been a week since that doctor visit. But the optimist in me is looking for the external signs to support my internal changes. And my blood pressure remains high; that half-full glass is looking even more empty!

And the spiral continues, but in a downward spin. What is this about? All signs, whether they are inward or outward, point to lessons. There’s something karmic here; something much deeper than qigong practice and meditation. And I need to dig down where that spiral is drilling to wedge out this darkness that is shadowing my optimism. And no matter how deeply we dig for the lead or the gold, there is always another layer to dredge up, examine and alchemically transform. The signs point the way; they are critical signs to follow.

I am reading those signs carefully; I am taking my blood pressure multiple times a day. I am asking many questions and looking deeply in the dark mirror, working to clear it of dust. I am watching but not expecting new external signs any time soon. And that’s OK; I have time.

And I’m taking a newly prescribed drug (two, actually, in one pill). Yes, I have at least temporarily resorted to western medicine’s approach to my condition. I am hopeful this will improve my pressure and give me more time for the natural approach to kick in.

Yes, I read the sign, and while I didn’t like the direction it pointed, I realize there are many more lessons for this western man to learn, many more internal adjustments to make and many more years to practice!