EXPLORATION: How’s Your Health?

I’m writing this as I sit in a doctor’s office while my daughter sees a surgeon about having her gall bladder removed.  It’s sobering to see your loved one in pain.

So I’m thinking about the pain that so many people have, every day, because their health isn’t what they would like it to be.  Not just physical health, but also emotional health, mental health, spiritual health.  It’s so important to be healthy on all levels that just focusing on the physical doesn’t lead us to the life of our dreams.

What’s the last thing you did for your emotional health?  Are you looking at your life for keys to the blocks that you are experiencing?  Have you mined the past on your personal timeline to learn the lessons of your experiences?  Are you developing new tools for your responses so your knee-jerk reaction isn’t where you get stuck when something happens in your life?

How about your mental health?  Have you examined the tapes that play in your head for their source and to decide whether to keep them playing or to change them?  Do you know what negative thoughts are popping up and keeping you from growing into the person you were meant to be?  Are you holding yourself back from your greatness because you think you can’t be great?

And your spiritual health is most important because the beliefs you hold affect all the other levels of your being.  Your beliefs affect your thoughts which generate your emotions and, finally, present as physical health problems if you haven’t cleared them.  Oftentimes, beliefs come from our childhood or our family tree or our environment [society, teachers, churches, etc.].  They have not been generated consciously but are sourced in the unconscious mind.

What do you believe about yourself?  Might there be a belief that ‘Everyone in our family gets arthritis by the time they are 50’?  How about ‘No one from this neighborhood gets to go to college’?  These unconscious beliefs operate to restrict us whether we are aware of them or not.  Have you examined what you believe and made a conscious choice about holding onto that belief or releasing it?

At the physical level, you must choose to live in balance with all of your other levels.  Are you eating in a way that matches your beliefs about food and its sources?  Are you making physical choices based on unconscious emotions or thoughts that conflict with what is best for you?  Do you ask yourself questions about your life and its balance when something presents as out of balance?

Many people can look at stress in their life and see the imbalance that is caused there.  Too many believe that they can’t do anything about stress.  But what they are really saying is that they don’t know what to do about the stress that they can’t change.

Things happen.  We react.  Then we choose our response to the event.  That’s what life is.

And if we can’t change the things that happen, then we have to look at our reactions and our responses.  This is the first place to build up our took kit so that we can live a conscious life and choose wisely our responses to events.  This FOLLOWS doing all the other work to bring our beliefs, thoughts, emotions into balance.

When I spend a Muse Day with a client, where we have a whole day together to clear blocks and make plans, we often spend most of the day on the clearing blocks part of the agenda, checking in on the spiritual, mental and emotional levels.  Creating a plan for the actions to take in the physical plan is often the easiest and quickest part of the day because we’ve brought every thing else into balance before we start the planning.

Trying to plan without the balance brings frustration and much harder work.  Trying to deal with dis-ease without finding the source of the imbalance makes the task much more difficult, if not impossible.

Our daughter will be fine.  She’s been working through many levels of what is happening.  I’m sorry she’s going through the proverbial ‘2 by 4 to the head’ experience but haven’t we all had some of those?  We learn!

And I hope that you, too, will examine the levels of your being for where imbalances live.  Clearing those can really help you move the pain out of your life!

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Have you heard about the coming ‘Frankenstorm’?  It’s the main topic of conversation around the East Coast!  Hurricane Sandy, an early Winter Storm, and some very cold air from the North, are all supposed to converge this weekend and storm for 5-6 days, with heavy rains, big winds and snow.

What do you do when this sort of news arrives?  This is what ‘being in balance’ is all about.  Do you freak out?  Run to the store?  Call everybody you know to talk about it?

I commended our granddaughter, Makayla, on paying attention to her intuition yesterday when she brought up preparations for a bad winter storm.  Think she was tuned in to something?  She made a shopping list of supplies for us.  So here’s the formula: get the intuitive hit, explore, act on it.  It all comes from trust.

So as we move forward with our Frankenstorm preps here in Maryland, we are also looking at a busy week.  Full Moon on Monday, October 29th at 3:50 pm Eastern Daylight Time.  Full Moons, when the Moon is opposite to the Sun, bring us the energy of getting rid of what we don’t need anymore.  This can be letting go of old beliefs and negative thoughts that no longer serve us as well as ‘stuff’ that we don’t need to keep in our environment  What are you ready to release?

[Full Moons also bring extra high tides here on the Chesapeake Bay – just what we need with a Frankenstorm!]

Wednesday is Halloween, a time for ghosts and goblins and kids going Trick or Treating.  Will you dress in a costume for the day?  Halloween is the hallowed evening before All Saints Day on the Christian calendar, November 1. The following day is All Souls Day and, in Mexico, the Day of the Dead.  This period is also Samhain [pronounced ‘sow-wen’] which in the Celtic calendar is the New Year and a time, too, when the spirits can visit from the dead.

In honor of all the traditions acknowledging that the veil between the worlds is thinnest at this time, I’m offering an ONLINE Conversation with The Other Side on Friday, November 2nd, at 7:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time.  In these fun and educational events, each participant receives a personal message from an angel, spirit guide or loved one who has crossed over.  I will also do some teaching about what happens when we die.  VERY limited enrollment so that every attendee gets their own message!  Here’s where to find more information and to register: Join Us!

FREE MESSAGE CALLS EVERY MONDAY!!! Dial in and receive the Wisdom of the Week on the free call every Monday at 8:30 pm Eastern Time.  Starting this Monday, October 29th, I’ll be channeling a message for you to get your week started with a WOW [Wisdom of the Week].  Spend a half-hour with me on Monday evenings and plan your week with special guidance.  We’ll be talking about the Full Moon next week, and whatever else The Divine Feminine want you to know.  Please join us on Mondays for this tapping into wisdom!  Sign up here to get the call-in information.

If you’re in the Eastern US as we are, the let’s pray that this storm doesn’t do the damage some are anticipating.  I happen to love storms but only when I’m safe inside watching them and the power stays on!  That’s what I’m hoping for, with everyone staying safe.

Happy Halloween! May you receive more treats than tricks!

“Are You Flipping Out Over Something?” A Commentary by Richard

We are adding a new feature to the Mystic Messages Blog with the change-over to my weekly MuseLetter which is replacing my Ezine. Now on Thursdays, in place of what I used to publish as Book Lights,  my partner, Richard, is offering a commentary on my weekly Mystic Message and Inspiration.

From Richard

I was particularly struck by the topic this week: Flip-Out.  In fact I too often find myself flipping-out and almost always over very small things. Computers suddenly running slow, or even worse, crashing for unknown reasons; a lost item, like keys; a negative checking account balance when there should be plenty of cash available; a credit card that inexplicably fails to work (and this is worst if it’s a client’s charge that won’t go through!); the dog’s 2:00 am need…the list can be nearly endless! Are these life and death issues; of course not. But in our hustle-bustle lives they do add fuel to the fire of an already hot burn life-style that keeps pace with a 21st Century clock!

Is it a particularly male thing to flip-out over small things? Rosemary goes through life at a pretty calm clip; her life is just as complicated as mine. She writes and speaks this week about a “Toolbox of Resources.” Well, I’m a pretty resourceful guy; I’m on the journey with her. And yet my fuse is so much shorter. But I’m ready to learn these lessons; the 2×4 upside the head is beginning to hurt, get through to me!

I am examining my tools and resources. In the last few months I have rediscovered the Tao, the ancient Chinese philosophy known as The Way. I have read fairly extensively about Taoism, studied it as part of my seminary program, practiced off and on through authors such as Mantak Chia, studied and memorized sections of Lao-Tzu’s Taoteching, consulted the I Ching, and practiced Tai Chi. And recently I found an excellent Qigong instructor who has brought me back to this Way. And there are some significant tools and resources to be found here.

Managing my “flip-out moments” is certainly a skill I am working on. An emotion I frequently reach for in these moments is “anger” in its various forms. I can too easily flash to a white heat over some relatively small irritation. I cool quickly and then realize the exaggerated reaction as an unproductive response to the situation. And I ask myself, “why the unbalanced reaction?” And, “why the wasted energy?”

The Chinese Masters identify anger as one of the obstacles to finding The Way. In addition to wanting to reduce my expenditure of energy on a wasted emotion, I want to overcome this obstacle. And, oh by the way, mastering anger will go a long way toward improving my environment!

In the Taoist traditions negative emotions, like Anger, can be transmuted into their corresponding virtues; in the case of Anger the work is to transmute it to Creativity or Resourcefulness. Wow! What if my wasted anger energy can be channeled into creative energy? What a concept!

This is not as easy as it sounds, however. But in my mind it is clearly worth the effort; I choose creativity over anger, calm over flip-out, any day! Rosemary mentions meditation as an approach to “hit the pause button” in the midst of over-reaction (or better yet before the reaction even occurs!). Qigong is often referred to as “Meditation in Motion” and I am finding this practice is a way to pull my energy and my resources, my consciousness, into the present moment when I can be fully aware of my environment, my reaction at any given moment to the environment and to then respond appropriately. When I am very, very present I can actually catch myself on the verge of anger and quickly seek a creative response, diverting the anger into resourcefulness! I have a long way to go to catch myself every time, or even often! But it’s good work for the journey!

Guys, Rosemary has many ways to channel the flip-out mode into presence of mind. Her toolbox is filled with fun things and even some neat toys! Sometimes it may seem easier just to go with the reactive emotion of the moment; but too often the consequences of the easy route bite painfully.

Flip-out reaction or creative response? The choice is yours if you are willing to do the work!

INSPIRATION: Are You Flipping Out Over Something?

It seems today as if there is always something to ‘Flip Out’ over!  What has you feeling this way today?

I sometimes hear clients longing for simpler lives or less stress or at least less drama in their lives, but they are really wishing for something to change about their circumstances without a thought to how they can change themselves.

Flipping Out happens when we don’t have enough resources in our tool box to deal with what is happening in our environment.  If you can reach into your Resource Tool Box and pull out just what you need to do in this circumstance, then you just do that and there’s no need to get too excited.  But how often are you perfectly prepared for exactly what is going on?

Let me say here that I am not talking about going into denial and pretending that nothing big is happening!  Sticking your fingers in your ear and singing, ‘La, la, la, la!’ won’t manage the stress of the circumstances, although, I admit, sometimes that seems like an attractive behavior choice.  Denial invites the Universe to keep bringing the lesson to us, over and over again, with perhaps more severity each time until we learn what we are to learn.

What tools have you been developing to prepare you for whatever might come your way?  Are you on a path of constant personal growth, seeking new skills, finding new opportunities to explore ideas?  Are you committed to your own personal, spiritual growth as a journey of exploration?  How you answer these questions will determine how well you can handle what happens around you.

Just as an athlete doesn’t wake up one morning and decide to win a gold medal in discus throwing without training for that exact sport, so, too, must you train for the circumstances that haven’t yet come into your life.

When the doctor says, ‘There’s something of concern going on here,’ or you get the phone call that, ‘There’s been an accident,’ how will you respond?

I pray that you never hear those words but it could be something else that throws you for a loop and the resources must already be available to you or you will find it more difficult to cope.

So what are you doing today, this week, this year to expand the tools in your Resource Tool Box?  Are you taking a class?  Working with a coach/counselor?  Reading self-help books?  In a group with speakers who teach you tools?  Attending seminars and conferences with content-rich programs for personal growth?

This is not an activity that can be postponed indefinitely!  Now is the time to prevent Flip Out!

Learning meditation can be a great start.  Breathe, hit the pause button, take a moment to collect yourself.  Allow thoughts to arise but to keep flowing onward, without attaching to the thoughts.  Give yourself permission to focus on your breath and to let go of thoughts and emotions that come up for you.  Give yourself permission to simply BE.

Sign up for a class on a psychological or spiritual topic that intrigues you.  Read a book that someone has recommended to you.  Find a group of explorers that you can join to study new ideas.  Work with a coach who can help you to develop the tools that are best for you.

Fill up the Resource Tool Box and you’ll be ready if and when something happens.  Won’t it be nice to have the confidence of knowing that, even if you never need to use the tools, you won’t have to resort to ‘Flipping Out’?




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Welcome to the news from the Weekly MuseLetter!  It’s October and time for the seasons to be demonstrably changing.  Here in Maryland we are seeing the bright colors emerge in the leaves so that driving down a road is a riot of oranges and reds and yellows.  I love this!  And best of all – the temperatures are cooling off so that it is comfortable to be outside again.  I don’t like being closed up in air conditioning but I like even less to be hot and sticky outside!

As we move through this season of outward changes it’s time to get ready for the inner times that are coming in the Winter.  Are you ready to grow?  To do your inner work? Here’s some help for you. NEW: A Free Call every Monday!  In our weekly half-hour calls I’ll be sharing Wisdom of the Week, some guidance from The Divine Feminine and a chat about what’s going on that week.  These free calls start on Monday, October 29th at 8:30 pm Eastern Time/5:30 pm Pacific.  [That day is on a Full Moon and the week of Halloween, Samhain, All Souls Day/Day of the Dead – a lot to talk about!]  Register Here and we’ll send you the call-in information.  Spend 30 minutes a week learning something about the energies of that week!

On October 24, join me in person for an exploration of where Fear lives in us and how to banish Fear to find Balance.  A Meta*Physical Checkup is an evening to study the 4 Bodies: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical  for clues about any discomfort or dis-ease in our lives.  We’ll look at the beliefs and thoughts that cause emotions and talk about ways to clear negativity from all 4 bodies.  This is the path to living in abundance – getting all 4 bodies into alignment.  This will be an experiential as well as informative evening in Annapolis, Maryland.  October 24, 2012, 7:00 – 9:00 pm.  Here are the details and Registration Information. Sign up soon as there will be limited space available.  Join me for this intimate and fun evening!

As we approach Halloween we start to think about those who have crossed over to The Other Side.  On November 2nd, the Christian Feast of All Souls and the Mexican Day of the Dead, we can actually converse with our loved ones, angels and guides who live on The Other Side of the veil between dimensions!  In an ONLINE Conversation with The Other Side each attendee receives a personal message from The Other Side with guidance and wisdom for them.  These group events are educational for all and are lots of fun!  Again, we keep attendance limited so that this can be an intimate experience for the group.  Here’s where to sign up to join us from anywhere in the world:
The Other Side

Please share this information with anyone you know who would like to join us!

We’re moving into the ‘shadow’ of an upcoming Mercury Retrograde period.  This is when, from Earth, it appears that the planet Mercury is moving backward in the sky.  In astrology, Mercury, the planet of communication, can mess up a lot of things when it’s in retrograde motion!  Contracts, emails, letters, phone calls – all can get garbled.  And, in the US, this happens on Election Day! Watch what happens.  [The last election in Mercury Retrograde was in 2000 when the Supreme Court selected the president.  Remember the ‘hanging chads’ fiasco?]  So, although Mercury doesn’t start to go ‘backward’ until November 6th, we’re starting to feel the effects today.  Be careful driving as people might not be as attentive as usual.  And re-read every thing before you sign it!  I’ll be talking more about this Retrograde as the weeks progress.

Enjoy the crisp Autumn days wherever you are.  And to our lovely loyals Down Under, Happy Spring!

Have a colorful week!

BOOK LIGHTS: from Wild Heart Dancing: A Personal, One-Day Quest to Liberate the Artist and Lover Within by Elliot Sobel

The number one single most powerful archenemy of full Self-expression, the arrow that can painfully pierce the Wild Heart Dancing and render it lifeless, is fear. An instinctive response to living in a world laced with fear is wanting to crawl away and disappear. We think that if we aren’t seen, perhaps we will be safe. And yet our soul cries out to be seen, and heard, and danced, and sung, before ourselves and Life. And it isn’t safe. But to opt for mere safety is to risk letting our spirit collapse in despair. As Helen Keller said, “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”

Elliot Sobel

Your Soul ‘cries out to be seen’! You have a role to play in the unfolding plan of the Universe. Be who you came here to be. Holding onto the fear that paralyzes you takes more energy than stepping out to clear the blocks and the fear that are holding you back from your growth. Dance!!!