Have you heard about the coming ‘Frankenstorm’?  It’s the main topic of conversation around the East Coast!  Hurricane Sandy, an early Winter Storm, and some very cold air from the North, are all supposed to converge this weekend and storm for 5-6 days, with heavy rains, big winds and snow.

What do you do when this sort of news arrives?  This is what ‘being in balance’ is all about.  Do you freak out?  Run to the store?  Call everybody you know to talk about it?

I commended our granddaughter, Makayla, on paying attention to her intuition yesterday when she brought up preparations for a bad winter storm.  Think she was tuned in to something?  She made a shopping list of supplies for us.  So here’s the formula: get the intuitive hit, explore, act on it.  It all comes from trust.

So as we move forward with our Frankenstorm preps here in Maryland, we are also looking at a busy week.  Full Moon on Monday, October 29th at 3:50 pm Eastern Daylight Time.  Full Moons, when the Moon is opposite to the Sun, bring us the energy of getting rid of what we don’t need anymore.  This can be letting go of old beliefs and negative thoughts that no longer serve us as well as ‘stuff’ that we don’t need to keep in our environment  What are you ready to release?

[Full Moons also bring extra high tides here on the Chesapeake Bay – just what we need with a Frankenstorm!]

Wednesday is Halloween, a time for ghosts and goblins and kids going Trick or Treating.  Will you dress in a costume for the day?  Halloween is the hallowed evening before All Saints Day on the Christian calendar, November 1. The following day is All Souls Day and, in Mexico, the Day of the Dead.  This period is also Samhain [pronounced ‘sow-wen’] which in the Celtic calendar is the New Year and a time, too, when the spirits can visit from the dead.

In honor of all the traditions acknowledging that the veil between the worlds is thinnest at this time, I’m offering an ONLINE Conversation with The Other Side on Friday, November 2nd, at 7:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time.  In these fun and educational events, each participant receives a personal message from an angel, spirit guide or loved one who has crossed over.  I will also do some teaching about what happens when we die.  VERY limited enrollment so that every attendee gets their own message!  Here’s where to find more information and to register: Join Us!

FREE MESSAGE CALLS EVERY MONDAY!!! Dial in and receive the Wisdom of the Week on the free call every Monday at 8:30 pm Eastern Time.  Starting this Monday, October 29th, I’ll be channeling a message for you to get your week started with a WOW [Wisdom of the Week].  Spend a half-hour with me on Monday evenings and plan your week with special guidance.  We’ll be talking about the Full Moon next week, and whatever else The Divine Feminine want you to know.  Please join us on Mondays for this tapping into wisdom!  Sign up here to get the call-in information.

If you’re in the Eastern US as we are, the let’s pray that this storm doesn’t do the damage some are anticipating.  I happen to love storms but only when I’m safe inside watching them and the power stays on!  That’s what I’m hoping for, with everyone staying safe.

Happy Halloween! May you receive more treats than tricks!


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