Welcome to the news from the Weekly MuseLetter!  It’s October and time for the seasons to be demonstrably changing.  Here in Maryland we are seeing the bright colors emerge in the leaves so that driving down a road is a riot of oranges and reds and yellows.  I love this!  And best of all – the temperatures are cooling off so that it is comfortable to be outside again.  I don’t like being closed up in air conditioning but I like even less to be hot and sticky outside!

As we move through this season of outward changes it’s time to get ready for the inner times that are coming in the Winter.  Are you ready to grow?  To do your inner work? Here’s some help for you. NEW: A Free Call every Monday!  In our weekly half-hour calls I’ll be sharing Wisdom of the Week, some guidance from The Divine Feminine and a chat about what’s going on that week.  These free calls start on Monday, October 29th at 8:30 pm Eastern Time/5:30 pm Pacific.  [That day is on a Full Moon and the week of Halloween, Samhain, All Souls Day/Day of the Dead – a lot to talk about!]  Register Here and we’ll send you the call-in information.  Spend 30 minutes a week learning something about the energies of that week!

On October 24, join me in person for an exploration of where Fear lives in us and how to banish Fear to find Balance.  A Meta*Physical Checkup is an evening to study the 4 Bodies: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical  for clues about any discomfort or dis-ease in our lives.  We’ll look at the beliefs and thoughts that cause emotions and talk about ways to clear negativity from all 4 bodies.  This is the path to living in abundance – getting all 4 bodies into alignment.  This will be an experiential as well as informative evening in Annapolis, Maryland.  October 24, 2012, 7:00 – 9:00 pm.  Here are the details and Registration Information. Sign up soon as there will be limited space available.  Join me for this intimate and fun evening!

As we approach Halloween we start to think about those who have crossed over to The Other Side.  On November 2nd, the Christian Feast of All Souls and the Mexican Day of the Dead, we can actually converse with our loved ones, angels and guides who live on The Other Side of the veil between dimensions!  In an ONLINE Conversation with The Other Side each attendee receives a personal message from The Other Side with guidance and wisdom for them.  These group events are educational for all and are lots of fun!  Again, we keep attendance limited so that this can be an intimate experience for the group.  Here’s where to sign up to join us from anywhere in the world:
The Other Side

Please share this information with anyone you know who would like to join us!

We’re moving into the ‘shadow’ of an upcoming Mercury Retrograde period.  This is when, from Earth, it appears that the planet Mercury is moving backward in the sky.  In astrology, Mercury, the planet of communication, can mess up a lot of things when it’s in retrograde motion!  Contracts, emails, letters, phone calls – all can get garbled.  And, in the US, this happens on Election Day! Watch what happens.  [The last election in Mercury Retrograde was in 2000 when the Supreme Court selected the president.  Remember the ‘hanging chads’ fiasco?]  So, although Mercury doesn’t start to go ‘backward’ until November 6th, we’re starting to feel the effects today.  Be careful driving as people might not be as attentive as usual.  And re-read every thing before you sign it!  I’ll be talking more about this Retrograde as the weeks progress.

Enjoy the crisp Autumn days wherever you are.  And to our lovely loyals Down Under, Happy Spring!

Have a colorful week!


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