BOOK LIGHTS: from “The Sacred Promise” by Gary E. Schwartz, PhD.

According to Native American mythology, the bear is the symbol of the power of introspection. According to the book that accompanies the Medicine Cards, the bear resides in the west, which represents the intuition. On occasions when I have become imbalanced — either valuing the cold reliability of technology more than the warmth and caring of spirituality, or embracing the comfort of logic and reasoning over the spontaneity and novelty of intuition — I have been gently yet firmly realigned by unanticipated synchronicities.

Gary E. Schwartz, PhD.

Many of the clients I work with are receiving clues about the direction they need to follow but come to me for help clarifying what those clues mean. Your intuition is giving you information all the time, often in ‘unanticipated synchronicities.’ Pay attention! And ask if you need help with the interpretation or in accessing the information available in your unconscious mind. You have everything you need to find your way!