MUSE-INGS: The New Consciousness and You

Are you ready for the New Consciousness?  Gratitude and Compassion, based on the concept that we are all connected, that none of us operates on the Planet alone.  It is time for us to step up to this concept and to share it widely.

When you feel you are struggling with life, with certain circumstances or situations, with finances or work or relationships, can you have compassion for yourself and your struggles?  Maybe this is where gratitude starts.  Go gently with yourself in your troubles.  Make sure you are not beating yourself up or judging yourself to be ‘not good enough’ or spending your focus on the ‘why me?’ question.  Start by getting yourself into the energy of compassion toward yourself.  Then start looking for something to feel gratitude about.  Move from compassion to gratitude, even if, at first, you can only feel gratitude for the fact that there is a lesson to be learned in this situation, as there is in every situation.

Stay with gratitude.  Don’t let worry or fear or lack creep into you.  Keep gently bringing your focus back to gratitude.  And I’m not talking here about ‘I’m grateful that I’m not worse off or that I don’t have so-and-so’s problems’ – I’m saying find at least one thing that you can be grateful for in your life today.  Think of one person who loves you. Or one whom you love.  Think of the car you drive or the view outside your window or the rain for the flowers or the smile on your child’s face when they hit the baseball.  It doesn’t have to be something grand and it doesn’t have to be the same kind of thing that you’re upset about or missing.

Bring in the energy of gratitude and you bring in what you desire.  It’s pretty simple.  The converse is true, too.  If you cannot find anything about which to feel grateful, then the Universe has trouble connecting you to things that would elicit that energy in you.

I am sitting in my office in our beautiful home in Colorado Springs watching 13 deer cavort in the yard while the sun shines on newly fallen snow.  I am grateful.  For the deer, for the snow that will put the grass to sleep for the winter with extra moisture, for the sunshine that makes this day a bright one.  I am grateful that I am warm and comfortable inside as I work.  And I will soon be with my grandchildren so I am grateful for that opportunity to be ‘Grandma Mimi.’  And am I sad that I am leaving this home for a move across the country?  Not really.  I feel complete with this house and have released it to the next family to enjoy it. I am grateful for the time that this has been our home and I am ready to move on to the next phase of life.

What can you find to bring you into a state of gratitude?  Look around you in this present moment.  What do you see?  If you have been worrying about paying the bills or finding a job or meeting that perfect someone, can you find something that you DO have in your life about which you can feel gratitude?

Now how does this connect with compassion?  I believe we must come from a place of compassion for ourselves and each other so that we connect these energies in all that we do.  No one is disconnected from the energy of the human community, no matter what we might think or want.  When we start with that understanding then our choices in life become easier.  When we learn to have compassion for ourselves we will become more compassionate members of the human community and will have compassion for others.

Think about Compassion and Gratitude in your life this week.  How can you grow in your understanding of both energies? How can you share these energies with others?  Practice both and watch the Universe say, ‘Good for you!’


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2 Responses to “MUSE-INGS: The New Consciousness and You”

  1. yogaleigh Says:

    I generally manage to remember to be grateful for at least one thing every day but I’m not yet in gratitude all the time so this is a lovely reminder. Thanks.

  2. Alien Search Guide Says:

    Amen, difficult to do in the current times. Don’t forget to pray. It is the other side of listening.

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