ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: The Science of Metaphysics

Today’s message is from The Pleiedians for you:

“We wish to speak today about the Science of Metaphysics.

Many have said that ‘Science is now proving what metaphysics has known for a long time.’ The truth can actually be languaged in a better way:

“The Universe is revealing itself to scientists in such a way that they can now believe what metaphysicians have known through their revelatory methods.”

This shifts the information to ‘revelation’ from ‘discovery,’ moving the action to The Universe as the Revealer from the scientist as the Discoverer.

This may seem to be a subtle shift but it is an important one, for scientists can only discover what The Universe is ready to reveal to them. Each apparent quantum leap forward in understanding by humans is the result, not of discoveries, but of the Recognition of Revelations, humans recognizing what The Universe is revealing.

Humans have been recognizing the revelations of The Universe for many millennia. It is science that has limited its ability to recognize these revelations by putting limits on what can be discovered, by narrowing its focus to a list of what things should look like according to established norms. The whole process of scientific inquiry is based on creating a set of assumptions based on a hypothesis (a human construction of a possibility) and then trying to prove or disprove that hypothesis. Unexpected results are often discarded or identified as ‘anomalous.’ The role of other scientists is to argue against what the findings are.

There might be times in the physical world where this system works, but let us contrast this with the way that metaphysicians operate in their explorations.

In the realm of metaphysics, one rises above the known, the expected, and opens oneself to the field of limitless possibilities. No judgments. No pre-conceived notions. No rules and no ‘shoulds.’ The metaphysician is open to the exploration in a way that is energized by curiosity and receptivity. There is also a trust that is engendered by an understanding that the metaphysician has of the connectedness of all things, the unity that is The Universe. The guiding principle of the metaphysician is, ‘As Above, So Below.’ Thus, all exploration of The Universe at large is an exploration of the Self, the Universe Within, and vice versa.

Those civilizations that moved away from the concept of the unity of The Universe collapsed onto themselves in their pursuit of separation.

Science and the pursuits of the mind are not separate from metaphysics and what is known in the heart. Judgment is not the same as discernment. Openness and acceptance are not signs of weakness but, rather, are signs of great strength and a wise understanding of the true nature of The Universe.

Those who embrace the path of the metaphysician will have more science revealed to them than those who limit themselves to the narrow path of the scientist.

The explorer is never certain of the revelation that is waiting beyond the next bend in the path, but is ever open to the wonder that lies there.

It Is So.”

And, so, are you willing to be open to the path of the metaphysician and EXPLORE?

The Pleiedians via



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