ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: The Echo of Truth from the Future

In the Satsang message this week we learned from The Divine Feminine that ‘the new truth comes back from the future.’ This takes some thought to comprehend.

The ‘old truth’ is based on beliefs that worked for earlier times and this includes the old tapes that play in your head from parents, teachers, and others from your past. They appear to be the truth but must be re-examined from your perspective in present time.

Culture and society often operate from the position that ‘old truth’ stays ‘Truth with a capital T’ for all time. Not so.

Humanity is constantly evolving. Human Consciousness is always growing and expanding. Human Awareness and Understanding grow with each human experience. Truth must constantly be re-evaluated as consciousness evolves.

When we hear that ‘the new truth comes back from the future’ we must understand that, as humanity evolves, we are growing into the New Human, the human of our future.

Who are you called to BE in your future? This is the evolved you! Can your truth stay the same as your consciousness evolves?

Not everything must change, but you must recommit yourself to your beliefs or change those beliefs. Personal growth is a path of evolution. Every experience that you have brings you new learnings. Do you adapt to what you learn? Do you re-evaluate your beliefs based on your growth? Do you accept yourself as an evolutionary being as you continue to live through new experiences and to expand your awareness with the information given to you?

Every choice that you make today is based on some belief that you hold, and, thus, is based on your own truth. Examine your choices – do they reflect your ‘old truth’ or ‘the new truth’ that comes from the future? Are you still making choices based on what used to be your truth or are you making choices based on who you are becoming?

In a very practical way, this is how the Law of Attraction works in one’s life. If you are backwards focused, if you are worrying about something, if you say things like, ‘I always have a problem with this’ or ‘I can never find a parking place,’ then you are stating a truth that is not based on the evolutionary you but on past beliefs.

If, instead, you focus on your dreams being realized, if you say ‘I usually handle this easily’ or ‘I always find the perfect parking place,’ then you are echoing a truth from the future.

You create your future with the thoughts you project. You experience ‘the new truth’ when you allow the future to manifest in this present moment.

Take some time to ponder these ideas. And remember that all time exists in this present moment. We tend to think of time as linear because we experience Earth as one minute after another. But the Dimension of Time encompasses our 3-Dimensional world and our past, present and future are all in this moment.

The ‘who you want to be’ calls you to make the choices now that are based on the new truth echoing back from the future.

Just evolve.

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