“Gratitude and Loving Yourself” a Commentary from Richard

Self-Love. Some days this is really difficult. Rosemary writes everything is perfect just as it is right now in this moment; everything is in agreement with The Plan; everything is unfolding just as it needs to, bringing the perfect Plan into reality. Yes, we have lessons and are learning lessons, everyday, with every unfolding moment. And as we learn these lessons we move into next moments that are also perfect because we have experienced (maybe even learned) these lessons.

And the first step toward self-love is gratitude for self and the lessons being learned. OK, then I have a lot to be grateful for! Examples abound every day. I just got back from the post office, went to get my reading glasses out of my pocket (where I “always” put them) only to come up short; no glasses. So I search every pocket, in the car and various places I may have left them. No luck. I get angry, especially with myself for misplacing my “stupid glasses”! (As if they were suppose to remember where I left them!)

Over-reaction? Of course! Yet another lesson in – what? Patience with myself, always putting things where they “belong”, mindfulness? I’m reminded of a Zen story about a monk who goes to his master believing he is ready for the test of enlightenment. The monk dashes through the rain and puddles with his trusty umbrella to his master’s hut, bows and humbly kneels before the master fully prepared. The master asks: “On which side of the door did you leave your umbrella?” Unable to answer the monk even more humbly withdraws to meditate on mindfulness for another 7 years!

Gratitude for the lessons is one of the lessons! I am alive and healthy and unharmed. I can return to the post office tomorrow to see if I left my glasses there. Meanwhile I have a spare pair. And they are only “drug-store” reading glasses; easily replaced. Were they worth the anger and upset at their loss? Of course not. Did my anger at myself gain anything other than upset that extended to others in my presence? Not at all. Did I learn a lesson here? Maybe. Will I lose something in the future. Certainly. And will I learn the lesson today so that the next time I lose that thing I can let it go, forgive myself for the lapse and move on? Only with continued practice!

We are all every moment of life practicing at being alive, being fully present, being conscious in every moment. This is what the lessons are all about: our opportunity to practice. And when we get pretty good at one lesson we get a new one to practice. This is where the acceptance comes in. This is where the self-forgiveness enters. When we are grateful for these opportunities we do, in fact, begin to move toward self-love.

I would add a second step toward this practice of self-love; the next step after gratitude is trust. We have to trust the Plan, that there is a Plan, that there is a purpose to it all. And we have to trust that our lessons are part of this Great Plan, that we are alive at this time with everyone and everything around us in perfect order and proper unfolding of the grand structure that is in process of becoming. I have to trust that losing my glasses today in some small, almost infinitesimal way, contributed to the process of becoming. One more opportunity to practice self-love in spite of my frustration with myself contributes to the Scheme.

This trust is part of the mystery. How can I possibly believe that my loss and my lesson on patience and self-forgiveness, self-love contribute to the Unfolding Perfection? There is no proof here; there is no evidence, not even a shred, that this incident is significant. But I trust that it is. And because I trust I continue to practice. And because I continue to practice, learn my lessons, I am ever so slowly improving myself, taking steps on my journey. And maybe, just maybe in some completely mysterious way, that I may never understand or realize, the world will be a better place.

Self-Love. Not a simple path. It begins with gratitude and moves to trust. And there is so much more…practice, practice, practice!



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MUSE-INGS: Step away from the distortions!

Have you ever held a compass near a metal door and wondered why the needle wasn’t pointing to True North? I have. When doing feng shui for a client where I didn’t know what was metal I could feel something was off when the needle didn’t match what the Sun was saying. I would often have to step back to get a clear picture of what direction was actually North. The client often had an idea because they had lived there long enough to become in tune with the directions so the work I was doing with the compass needed to come closer to what they had experienced.

This is what we do in Life. We have experiences. We integrate them and determine some meaning or direction from them. Sometimes we dismiss them as unimportant or insignificant, but is anything REALLY insignificant? I don’t think so.

Every experience that we have pulls together all of our previous experiences, all of our knowledge and innate wisdom, and in the cauldron of our unconscious mind, leads us to move in a direction that has been influenced by that experience. This is true even when it is an unconscious process.

Living a Conscious Life means that we bring unconscious processes into conscious awareness so that we can examine them for meaning.

We hear a lot about ‘truth’ these days and it is very difficult to discern the ‘truth’ in the news or world events. Because we cannot be privy to every world event and all the backstory that goes with it we cannot really understand what might be true and what is being shaded, spun, omitted so that what we hear and think is true might be far off the mark. Every person, in every country, is hearing information that might or might not be valid. What does this mean for you?

The place to test the information is inside you.

Your intuition is your ability to check what is the Truth for you. If you have a ‘gut feeling’ that something is not right, it is not right for you in that moment. If you have a ‘gut feeling’ that this is magnetically drawing you in its direction, then you are picking up something that is North for you in that moment.

When I teach about intuition I don’t have to teach much about getting those feelings I call ‘intuitive hits.’ What people need to learn is to TRUST those intuitive hits and gut feelings. Everybody knows what it feels like to get the hit – trusting it enough to follow through and take action is the important point.

So when you ask yourself, ‘What is my Truth today?’ what are you really asking?

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MUSE-INGS: Conscious Confidence for the Present Moment

Confidence can be such a difficult quality to develop. I can be confident in my ability to create a delicious dinner and yet lack the confidence required to get up on a horse and ride a trail. You might be confident in a one-on-one conversation and yet lack the confidence to feel comfortable speaking in front of 1,000-member audience. So what is the confidence we are feeling or not feeling?

When ‘confidence’ is really just an assurance that we are committed to living our Life Purpose in this lifetime on this Planet Earth, then we can relax and our only work is this commitment. Whew! That takes the heat off of us, doesn’t it? I mean, what if I know I am being the person I was born to BE, even if I’m not the best or most accomplished or most experienced at something I am trying to DO? Isn’t that the consciousness that we need to develop? Isn’t that how we can learn to feel confident?

I learned a long time ago that showing up to the present moment is the most important aspect of feeling confident. Even if I feel nervous or tentative about attempting something, I can gain confidence from the knowledge that I am doing the best I can and I can trust that everything will work out as it should. This comes from trusting in the unfolding plan of the Universe.

Trust is the key word here. Do you trust that the Universe has a plan that is unfolding as it should? Do you trust that you have a part in that plan and that your intuition is your connection to it? Have you learned to trust your intuition?

Each of us has a role to play in the story of the Earth as it is developing around us. The people around us are all players in the same story, whether we or they know it or not. Your soul agreed with mine before we were born that we would ‘play’ in this sandbox called Earth at the same time in some way. I trust that this agreement holds and that I am doing my best to fulfill my part. I commit to living the Life Purpose my soul told yours I would live before we started this time on Earth. By raising my own consciousness I’ve become aware of the greater plan and it’s unfolding on Earth in these days.

Are you working to expand your awareness of the great development called Human Evolution? This is about the evolution of consciousness, not about growing beyond tails and webbed feet! Personal growth work becomes the avenue to expanded consciousness and, thus, a commitment to your own personal growth benefits all of humanity.

And confidence comes from knowing that this grand scheme of ever-evolving consciousness includes you and who you are becoming at each step of the way. Trust that you are okay, that you are doing the best you can. Trust that your own intuition and inner guidance are leading you in the path of conscious evolution. Be confident in sharing who you are, right now, in this moment, with others, for that is the soul agreement that you entered into with them before birth. They and you agreed that you would be just that, the ‘who’ you came here to be, and that that was just enough for them in this moment.

Congratulations! Go confidently into your next moments!

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MUSE-INGS: If You Can’t Trust Your Own Gut, Whose Gut Can You Trust?

When I teach people about using their intuition to live a richer life, I often find that a person has no trouble receiving the messages from their inner guidance but they aren’t sure they can trust what they receive.  Does this sound like you?

It’s easy to dismiss an intuitive ‘hit’ as coincidence.  It’s easy to forget that you ‘had a feeling about that.’  But when you practice listening to your inner self and really looking for guidance within, you find that you CAN trust the signals you receive.  Even those that feel ‘off the wall.’

What is it that you would like to ask your own intuition?  If you came up with a question like, “Who will win the next election?” or “Will my team win the game?” then you might be working outside the sphere that we are talking about.  But you might think about a situation in which you are uncertain which path to take or which option to choose.  Very often this is why people come to me for coaching – they are struggling with a decision or confusion and they are having trouble seeing the road ahead for them.

As an Intuitive Coach I can share what I see about the path ahead for them but I also like to teach people to access their own inner wisdom no matter what I see.  I ask, “Is this resonating with you?” because I want the person to practice checking inside for how this information feels when they take it in and try it on.  It takes practice to learn to trust that you can take action on what you are feeling inside.  This is why working with someone can help you to build confidence in your own ability to tap into the wisdom.

Each human being has been granted a strong intuitive skill but our education systems and often society itself move us into being good little factory workers and doing what we are told instead of learning to question and to trust what is going on inside us.  As conscious beings we must learn to trust what we feel inside even if it contradicts something we are told outside of ourselves.

But let me add a caveat here.  Many people have an inner voice that criticizes them or bullies them.  This is NOT your Inner Wisdom.  These voices that are not positive and uplifting and supportive are not coming from a higher place within you.  Lift your awareness above this voice to find the higher vibration voice of Inner Wisdom.  This voice will never make you feel small or lesser than or criticized.  The voice of your Inner Wisdom speaks in a very matter-of-fact manner and supports your growth in awareness and consciousness.  Learn to discern and then you can trust that inner voice.

Practice following your gut this week.  Notice how you feel when you do that.  Notice how you feel when you do not.  Have an intuitive week!


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MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Trust Your Gut!

Dear Ones,

When Life seems to be a struggle, where do you turn?  For many, the answer is to religion.  For some, it is to a friend or family member.  Others look for counseling or coaching.  But the best answer is to start by looking inward.

Within each human being there is a connection to Wisdom that cannot be explained by the knowledge a person has collected.  This Inner Wisdom contains the wisdom of the ages and exists in a person’s very essence, the DNA of their existence.  Many people have lost or forgotten how to connect to this inner source of guidance and wisdom.  Many have given away their connection by placing their trust in others outside themselves, giving away their power to someone or something else.

Where do you look for answers?  Have you learned how to connect to your Inner Wisdom?  Do you listen to and trust your ‘gut feelings’?  Are you supported by your intuition or do you question it?

The answer to your question lies within you.  If you need help accessing it, then ask someone to help you learn how to connect with your inner guidance.  If you feel there is an answer but you question it, then you must start trusting and practice listening to the guidance that is available within yourself.  If you feel there is nothing, that you are not feeling or hearing or seeing an answer, could it be that the answer is to wait?  Perhaps your impatience is causing you to seek the answer you want and to ignore a valid answer that doesn’t meet your preconceived notions.  Or maybe you don’t really want the answer and so you ignore the signals that you are receiving.

Your Inner Wisdom is a connection to the Wisdom of the Universe.  All knowledge lies within the Collective Consciousness that has it’s own dimension in the Universe.  You have the ability to connect to this source of Wisdom and to use it in your daily life.  Are you ready?  Are you willing?  You ARE able!

So starting today make a decision that you will learn to connect to your inner wisdom.  Starting today, practice listening to what you are hearing within you.  And starting today, trust what you feel in your gut.  Remember that you have what you need inside you.  You know that the answers lie within.  It is probably the case that the only thing about which you still have doubts is that you can trust what you hear within you.

Trust does not come from thinking about it or from being told to trust.  Trust comes from trusting.  The more you trust, the more comfortable you will be with trusting and the easier it will be for you.  Practice this.

So now what is your question?  What will you do with that question?  Try feeling for the answer inside you.  And trust what you receive.

And so it is.


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MUSE-INGS: Is This Mushroom Safe?

Interesting analogy – early humans figuring out which foods to eat and 21st Century humans figuring out what truth is for them.

One way to extend this is to think of the early humans who ate the poison mushrooms.  I wouldn’t want to be the one who tested that!  But I don’t think this message is about eating poison mushrooms first – it sounds more as if we are being cautioned about eating the poison mushrooms that someone is telling us are safe to eat.

Think about ideas that poison a society but permeate it anyway.  Hatred.  Intolerance.  Injustice.  Ignorance.  Think about how easy it is to swallow that poison mushroom if someone you trust tells you it is safe for you to do so.  I think it’s time we stood up to our responsibility to be individual thinkers, to ask for evidence that a mushroom is safe or to eschew eating it altogether.

Every day, each of us is bombarded with ideas from many sources.  Do you absorb and accept every idea that is sent your way?  Do you believe everything that you are told?  I suspect not.  Who, then, do you decide you will believe?  Are you willing to find the original sources of the data, to do your own research?

I remember a paper I had to write in college, in a History of the Theater course I was taking to fill in my schedule so I had enough credits to live on campus after I had taken all the math courses I needed for my major.  My assigned topic was ‘Squire & Marie Bancroft’ who had lived in the 19th Century.  I traveled from Greensburg, Pennsylvania into Pittsburgh to find resources at the University library there and was fortunate enough to find primary sources, documents written by the Bancrofts themselves.  Unfortunately, they were written in French so I had to painstakingly translate them for my paper, but the information was invaluable because it came from the principles themselves and hadn’t been distorted by a biographer’s perspective.  [Aside: The professor didn’t believe a lowly math major could write such a good paper so he accused me of plagiarism!  I did prove the sources of the materials to his satisfaction and he gave me a good grade later.]

What are you willing to do to determine the veracity of what you hear?  Are you like a sponge, sopping up what is told to you?  Do you check a few sources to see if you can find corroboration or do you just listen to someone you think is giving you the whole story?  Do you know how to check inside for what rings true for you?

Living a Conscious Life requires choosing what you will believe and what you will question.  Check with your Inner Guidance before you accept any idea, even the ones I am writing here.  If you don’t know how to do this yet, learn.  Sometimes you need to meditate or take a nap or take a walk in nature before you can see clearly what you need to see.  Give yourself permission to do this before you commit to an idea or a project that doesn’t feel completely right to you.

You are moving along a path of your own spiritual journey.  You don’t have time for detours into someone else’s ‘stuff.’  Believe what is in alignment with who you are at your core, with the energy that carries you forward on your journey.  Don’t believe someone who wants you to eat a poison mushroom by telling you that it is safe!   Skip the mushrooms, please!


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