MUSE-INGS: If You Can’t Trust Your Own Gut, Whose Gut Can You Trust?

When I teach people about using their intuition to live a richer life, I often find that a person has no trouble receiving the messages from their inner guidance but they aren’t sure they can trust what they receive.  Does this sound like you?

It’s easy to dismiss an intuitive ‘hit’ as coincidence.  It’s easy to forget that you ‘had a feeling about that.’  But when you practice listening to your inner self and really looking for guidance within, you find that you CAN trust the signals you receive.  Even those that feel ‘off the wall.’

What is it that you would like to ask your own intuition?  If you came up with a question like, “Who will win the next election?” or “Will my team win the game?” then you might be working outside the sphere that we are talking about.  But you might think about a situation in which you are uncertain which path to take or which option to choose.  Very often this is why people come to me for coaching – they are struggling with a decision or confusion and they are having trouble seeing the road ahead for them.

As an Intuitive Coach I can share what I see about the path ahead for them but I also like to teach people to access their own inner wisdom no matter what I see.  I ask, “Is this resonating with you?” because I want the person to practice checking inside for how this information feels when they take it in and try it on.  It takes practice to learn to trust that you can take action on what you are feeling inside.  This is why working with someone can help you to build confidence in your own ability to tap into the wisdom.

Each human being has been granted a strong intuitive skill but our education systems and often society itself move us into being good little factory workers and doing what we are told instead of learning to question and to trust what is going on inside us.  As conscious beings we must learn to trust what we feel inside even if it contradicts something we are told outside of ourselves.

But let me add a caveat here.  Many people have an inner voice that criticizes them or bullies them.  This is NOT your Inner Wisdom.  These voices that are not positive and uplifting and supportive are not coming from a higher place within you.  Lift your awareness above this voice to find the higher vibration voice of Inner Wisdom.  This voice will never make you feel small or lesser than or criticized.  The voice of your Inner Wisdom speaks in a very matter-of-fact manner and supports your growth in awareness and consciousness.  Learn to discern and then you can trust that inner voice.

Practice following your gut this week.  Notice how you feel when you do that.  Notice how you feel when you do not.  Have an intuitive week!


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