MUSE-INGS: How evolutionary are you?

Everything around us seems to be changing, at a far more rapid pace than ever before in human history. I think of my Dad who was born in 1908 and died in 1983. Imagine the changes in his lifetime!

And since his passing, almost 30 years ago, we now have so many instant communication devices that we can barely take a breath without being contacted by another human being. As I write this, Outlook keeps telling me “you’ve got mail!” (ok, not in that old aol voice!) and my iPhone is chiming to let me know I’ve received another text. I can email with people all over the world. My clients are on different continents and we can ‘see’ each other via our videoconference sessions as if we are sitting across the table from each other. We are really connecting through space and time in ways my Dad couldn’t even imagine.

And, yet, are we still Neanderthal’s in our thinking? Have we evolved our consciousness so that we bring new perspectives to activities and behaviors and thoughts in our lives?

I see the nature of ‘mine’ sometimes throwing itself into the mix without a concern for other people or the impact of actions on the community around. There seem to be many conflicted people who cannot find a place within their thoughts and beliefs for the union of individualism with community. We are individuals who live in community with other individuals.

This is the point where human consciousness is inviting us to find a new awareness of these concepts, to move from the either/or thinking of ‘mine’ vs. ‘ours.’ There is a place, in 21st Century thought, for ‘mine’ AND ‘ours.’

In what other areas are you seeing your thoughts or beliefs living in a previous century? Have you carefully examined the thoughts and beliefs that are guiding you through your 21st Century life? If you would live a Conscious Life, then you MUST do the work to choose the thoughts and beliefs that will determine how you live today.

‘Sleepwalking through history’ is not an option for the spiritual student or for the human who chooses to be a part of the evolution of human consciousness. That is what those who have made the choice to avoid evolving are doing – sleepwalking. They think that they are alive but they have shut down the very part of themselves that is fully human and seeking growth.

Constantly assess your thoughts as you go about your day. Am I thinking with consciousness about what I am choosing or am I ‘sleepwalking’? Ask yourself, “Is this thought coming from me or from an old tape created by someone in the past? Is my belief based on 21st Century consciousness or is it coming from something hundreds of years ago that I must understand in a new light?”

If you truly examine your own consciousness then you can choose to assist all of humanity in its evolutionary process.

Choose to evolve beyond Neanderthal thinking. It’s the 21st Century. Your very humanity is calling you to evolve, to move beyond the unconsciousness of ‘sleepwalking.’ Make the choice today. And examine those thoughts and beliefs, especially the unconscious ones, so that you can bring yourself up to date with the evolution of human consciousness in the 21st Century.

My Dad would be excited to be a part of this evolution today!

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