MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Are You Neanderthal?

Dear Ones,

The world is changing. Are you?

If you are clinging to beliefs that were appropriate 100 years ago and you are refusing to evolve your thinking, then are you being fully human and participating in the evolution of human consciousness?

Humans are evolving animals, with the free will to choose how and at what level they will participate in the evolutionary process. This free will allows the human being to develop levels of consciousness that increase awareness. Other animals are also evolving but it is humans who can choose NOT to evolve.

The joking use of the term ‘Neanderthal’ to describe a person who is still thinking in cave man mentality is really a description of the lack of evolution on the part of the individual being described. The people who lived in caves in those early times of humanity’s presence on Planet Earth were evolving very rapidly. Every experience was a new one that helped to develop the brain and mind of humans who live today. Every new experience created a template against which other experiences could be measured. Deciding what worked and what didn’t, what was tested and tried that succeeded, and what did not fit in that moment, is how the human being was able to learn and grow and evolve.

Language was created to assist in communication that had been accomplished by other means before language appeared. If you have studied your Oxford English Dictionary you have seen how your current day language continues to evolve with usage. Multiple languages developed based on the source language that was evolving in that place and time. Adapting to circumstances is a part of the evolutionary process.

In 21st Century Earth evolution each person can choose whether or not they will continue to learn and to grow or will try to hold all of humanity back by refusing to move forward with their understanding and consciousness.

You have a choice about how you will navigate the 21st Century. Because you are alive at this time on Planet Earth, your Soul agreed to participate in the evolution of humanity and of human consciousness. Every other person around you has also made the same contract with the Universe – to be a part of 21st Century evolution.

Obviously, the evolutionary process in the 21st Century differs from that of the cave people. But, in essence, the process includes trying new things/thoughts, identifying those that advance humanity and those that hold back the flow of evolution, and adopting the growth positions to move human consciousness forward.

Everyone around you is also engaged in this process. Differences among the choices are starting to show broader areas of disagreement because the choices have been occurring for a long time. Some humans have chosen to participate in the growth of consciousness and others have been on a path of constantly choosing to hold back or to go back to an earlier level of consciousness. When these choices are coming from the same position, the differences are small. When, however, they reflect years or centuries of making the same kind of choices, then the differences have veered so far away from each other as to appear irreconcilable.

Understand that the differences you are seeing in the 21st Century reflect the evolution of all humanity. 2012 is a year of choice for all on Planet Earth. It is time to decide which type of human being you will be, and to appreciate that the Souls who have chosen other paths have already made their decisions.

We wish you to choose to continue to be a part of the evolution of human consciousness for there is much yet to be revealed. Only those who believe in the ability of the human being to learn, to grow, to have greater levels of understanding and to contribute to the evolution of the greater consciousness will continue on the path of human evolution. Those who choose to deny that growth and who would deny others the opportunity for that growth will be left behind.

Human beings are evolutionary beings. To deny this, to fight the evolution of consciousness, is to choose to step away from one’s own humanity. It is a poor choice.

And so it is.

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