I’m in Maryland and husband, Richard, joins me later this evening with a truckload of all our stuff! And we’ll then be together to begin the resettling in Annapolis process. I look forward to seeing you soon! And, one place is here at:

***The Daily Muse***
Every weekday morning I show up in your email queue, but only if you have subscribed! Yes, I post a daily video message of inspiration on my website. And you too can receive it by subscribing below. The messages are short, one-to-two minutes, to help jump-start your day with a smile, a new idea, creative energy to help you live more consciously. And they are FREE!

Here’s what Lisa, who is with the Army and just returning to Colorado Springs from Afghanistan, had to say about a recent message on trust:

I’m happy to be back so I can move forward with my goals with my home, physical, and spiritual. I’ve had a year to manifest everything, and it’s all falling into place. 

If you are already a subscriber I’d love to hear what you are getting from these messages!

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