News from Rosemary

Well, it’s been quite a week! As I write this, we are in the midst of the packing and loading to move out of Colorado Springs and complete the move to Annapolis, Maryland. The house now belongs to someone else. The Colorado chapter is closed and a new relationship with this beautiful state is opening. We will come back to visit and to vacation. Places and people never leave our consciousness; they just leave the calendar for awhile.

Thank you to the wonderful folks of Colorado Springs who have supported our work over the last 12 years. We have made friends with some fantastic people and neither time nor distance can diminish the cords of connection with you. We have certainly grown during our time of owning the beautiful house in Mountain Shadows. We hope our work and play time here has been of benefit to you.

And so we look forward to the next chapter. We become East Coasters, living in the Washington, DC area, living surrounded with family and friends, in familiar surroundings from the 31 years that Richard and I have been together. We’ll celebrate our joint birthdays [August 2] after we get re-settled in Annapolis and start our New Years with a triumphant closure to the old ones.

We are in Full Moon energy this weekend. What are you ready to release from your life? We released a house and friends that we’ve loved in Colorado. We released truckloads of ‘stuff’ that no longer serve our lives going forward. A big release for our birthday gifts to ourselves!

Every letting go creates space for bringing in something new. What are you wishing for? Think about what you would like to make space for and then release whatever it takes as we make our way toward the next New Moon.

Remember that Mercury is still retrograde [appearing from Earth as if it is traveling backward] until Wednesday, August 8 at 1:40 AM Eastern Daylight Time. Continue to retreat, review, re-examine what works and what doesn’t work. Releasing during the Mercury Retrograde can be very powerful! And you will be ready to ring in the NEW when we have our next New Moon on Friday, August 17th.

Thank you all for your support during this incredible, transformative time! It took the Waldo Canyon Wildfire for us to sell our house but the new owners are thrilled to moving into the new chapter of their lives, too.

Look for some changes in the coming weeks to the ezine and to the offerings.

And, since I’m feeling generous about the birthday, I’m offering a few more special readings: 20-minutes, a $147 value, for my new age [$64]! If you’d like some guidance for navigating forward in YOUR life, here’s a way to get that guidance at a big discount! Send me an email and we’ll get you scheduled soon!

Love to you all in the final Wisdom Connections Ezine from Colorado!


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