Whew! We’re in Maryland. The house in Colorado belongs to the new owners. The truck is unloaded and all of our belongings made it across the country to our temporary home in our daughter’s house in Annapolis and to three storage units nearby.

A HUGE Thank You goes out to all who helped us with this move. After the Waldo Canyon Wildfire spared our house, we were hurrying to turn it over to a family who had lost everything. It would not have happened yet if not for the untiring efforts of some amazing friends-who-are-family in Colorado Springs. There is no way we can express the depth of our gratitude except to say ‘thank you’ with great love!

And Thank You to all who have donated to Church of A New Alliance to assist in moving the operation from Colorado to Maryland and the East Coast! We are working on the schedule now to begin to offer events locally and online so that you can join us for spiritual exploration fun no matter where you live. Stay tuned for the big changes that are coming! [After we catch our breath, of course!]

It has been great fun to meet some new people recently who have taken advantage of the Birthday Special readings! Welcome to RosemarySpace! And it has been fun for me to be doing Hand Analysis Updates for people who are learning how their handprints reflect the changes they are making in their lives. It’s amazing to see that the lines, which represent neural pathways in the brain, actually do change, and rapidly, when those pathways change, while the fingerprints stay the same for the whole life. Doing an update every 6-12 months really keeps you on top of where you need to focus your personal growth efforts! Your life is in your hands!

If you have had a Hand Analysis in the past and would like to update the information with new handprints, please let me know! And if you haven’t yet learned the Life Purpose, Life School and Life Lesson that your hands reveal for you, then you’ll definitely want to get that initial session scheduled so you can move forward with all this information! Email me at: for more information.

The exciting astrological news is that Mercury went Direct on August 8th! Woo Hoo! Communication improves, driving improves, people are able to concentrate better! This means that Mercury now appears, from the vantage point of Earth, to be moving ahead again instead of backward. Hope you were careful during that retrograde!

The coming week is Old Moon Week. Next Friday, August 17th is the New Moon so between now and then the Moon is diminishing in size in the sky. [Really, it only looks smaller.] With the Old Moon we can still release the ‘old stuff’ that is hanging around in our lives. What can you let go of this week? A thought or belief? A book or a ‘thing’? A relationship? A job? What doesn’t fit into your present NOW? Decide and then let go so that there is space for the New Moon on the 17th to be free to bring something new into your life!

Looking forward to catching up to our old friends and to making new ones as we settle in to the East Coast living once again.

In Love and Gratitude, I send you all blessings this week!


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