MUSE-INGS: Step away from the distortions!

Have you ever held a compass near a metal door and wondered why the needle wasn’t pointing to True North? I have. When doing feng shui for a client where I didn’t know what was metal I could feel something was off when the needle didn’t match what the Sun was saying. I would often have to step back to get a clear picture of what direction was actually North. The client often had an idea because they had lived there long enough to become in tune with the directions so the work I was doing with the compass needed to come closer to what they had experienced.

This is what we do in Life. We have experiences. We integrate them and determine some meaning or direction from them. Sometimes we dismiss them as unimportant or insignificant, but is anything REALLY insignificant? I don’t think so.

Every experience that we have pulls together all of our previous experiences, all of our knowledge and innate wisdom, and in the cauldron of our unconscious mind, leads us to move in a direction that has been influenced by that experience. This is true even when it is an unconscious process.

Living a Conscious Life means that we bring unconscious processes into conscious awareness so that we can examine them for meaning.

We hear a lot about ‘truth’ these days and it is very difficult to discern the ‘truth’ in the news or world events. Because we cannot be privy to every world event and all the backstory that goes with it we cannot really understand what might be true and what is being shaded, spun, omitted so that what we hear and think is true might be far off the mark. Every person, in every country, is hearing information that might or might not be valid. What does this mean for you?

The place to test the information is inside you.

Your intuition is your ability to check what is the Truth for you. If you have a ‘gut feeling’ that something is not right, it is not right for you in that moment. If you have a ‘gut feeling’ that this is magnetically drawing you in its direction, then you are picking up something that is North for you in that moment.

When I teach about intuition I don’t have to teach much about getting those feelings I call ‘intuitive hits.’ What people need to learn is to TRUST those intuitive hits and gut feelings. Everybody knows what it feels like to get the hit – trusting it enough to follow through and take action is the important point.

So when you ask yourself, ‘What is my Truth today?’ what are you really asking?

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