MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Where is True North on your personal compass?

Dear Ones,

It is a time to value Truth for yourself, for society, for the unfolding of Consciousness in the Universe.

What is your Truth? Not the truth about circumstances or the truth about something that someone else has told you, but the Truth that is the essence of You and Your Life.

Look inside you and discern what the Truth of You is today. Is it different from the Truth that was you yesterday or last year or when you were much younger? Can you see how you have grown in an understanding of Truth as its meaning in your life?

Who are you at your core? Who are you conscious of as a being on Planet Earth in these days? Who speaks through your mouth? Who thinks your thoughts? What do you believe and why do you believe it?

Living a Conscious Life invites you to constantly examine these questions, for even when you feel you have been ‘working on yourself’ you are in a spirally process of unfoldment, not in a linear exercise that will reach completion so you can ‘get on with your life.’ Rather, living a Conscious Life means moving ever forward and upward, forward and upward as your consciousness evolves and as you interact with the world around you in your daily life.

So examining your Truth is an essential part of living your Life Purpose, for who you are and how you are approaching your life informs the manifestation of your Purpose in the world. Remember that all the other people on the planet also agreed to share Planet Earth with you at this moment. Every person of consciousness is living in 21st Century Earth Society to perform the role of their Life Purpose and every other person agreed to be the classmate of that person, living their own Life Purpose and learning their own Life Lessons.

Your Truth, the essence of who you are, includes the ‘why’ of your being born. This is your Life Purpose, the Purpose that your Soul chose for you before you came into Mother Earth’s loving arms, the Purpose that you agreed to live so that others around you might have the atmosphere they need to live their own Purpose. This is your Truth.

Continue to examine yourself and your life so that you can grow in Consciousness. Every time you encounter a statement or a situation or a relationships that does not resonate with you, that does not match what your intuition is telling you is the Truth for you, then you must re-examine your experience and ask why you are in that place in that moment. There is always something for you to learn and often the experience is designed so that you can re-affirm what is Truth for you.

Do not allow yourself to be pulled off your path into someone else’s truth when it is not resonating with your Truth. You are the one who is growing and evolving according to your own evolutionary journey and your intuition is your guide along the journey. Your Truth becomes the North of your compass, always showing you the direction for you to follow. As you shift your energies, just like Planet Earth, your compass finds your Truth and keeps you steered in that direction.

Just as you would not force a magnetic compass to the ‘N’ point that you want, instead of the one it is finding through it’s internal mechanism, do not allow someone else to pull your compass needle off your Truth. This is yours.

Find the Truth within you and follow your own journey.

And so it is.

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