MUSE-INGS: Personal Growth and New Ideas

If our thoughts come from ideas, then we really do need to be careful about the ideas that we embrace, don’t we?

In working with private clients over two decades I have seen that the limiting beliefs people carry with them stem from some idea that they embraced as immutable truth, usually when they were a child. This is not to criticize the parents, for they were doing the best they could, and often they had no idea that the child was embracing what the child thought was immutable truth but which the parent was able to contextualize differently.

How many of our current thoughts rise up from some idea our 5- or 6-year-old inner child embraced as Truth with a capital ‘T’? This is the work of personal growth, to ferret out those ideas, embraced without examination, that form the basis for many of our current thoughts, especially those that are holding us back from accessing our own inner greatness and from sharing that with the world.

I believe that each of us has an Inner Splendor, a brilliant Light that is ready to shine forth into the world when we access, appreciate and allow it to shine. When we shine this Light through our Soul Purpose in Life we invite others to join us on the Path of Light. This is the beauty of accessing our Inner Splendor and shining that Light.

But what blocks most people are the thoughts that limit them from their own greatness, the thoughts that, when the original idea from which they stem is identified, can be examined and eliminated or embraced depending on whether or not they serve the individual at this time. This is the real work of personal growth.

Are you on a path of examining your thoughts for their origins? Do you continually examine situations in your life for whether or not they stem from beliefs that come from somewhere or someone else, not your Inner Splendor?

The 21st Century has its own transformative energy [especially emphatic as it was ushered in in 2012] and invites us to examine every aspect of our lives so that we can grow in Consciousness and expand our awareness of the workings of the World.

Personal growth is not just about the person. Personal growth is the work we do as individuals that moves us forward on our path so that we might manifest that Inner Splendor as we agreed we would do when we took on this lifetime. Each of us has a Soul Purpose to realize and express. We have a Mission to accomplish on Planet Earth. And all of this depends upon our doing our personal growth work to create clear channels of the energy of Light that shines through us.

Commit yourself to doing your personal growth work. It’s never ‘done.’ I have been actively engaged for a very long time and I am still surprised at things that come up for me to examine and change. I still find things that lurk inside with their insidious influence. It feels so good to release them!

And when I work with clients it is a joy to get the feedback of the freedom they experience when they release their limiting beliefs, the thoughts that no longer serve them!

Do your personal growth work, whatever form that takes for you today. Release the thoughts that depend on your holding onto beliefs that do not serve you. Reach into that higher frequency level of the Light of Consciousness for some new ideas to examine.

You’ll be glad you did!

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