MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Women – Save the World!

Dear Ones,

Women on Earth in the 21st Century have a very different role from women in any other century. It is time for the women in the Western industrialized nations to understand this so that they, who have the power, can assist the women in less powerful situations to grow into their greatness. Women must help women to realize that the manifestation of The Divine Feminine on Planet Earth requires that women band together with a helping hand reaching out to others.

This is not to say that men do not have a role to play, but many men are in such fear of the power of The Divine Feminine that they attempt to stem the tide by squashing the power of women. They are merely frightened and acting out of that fear. More men, however, are waking up to the need for them to assist women as well as to claim their own inner feminine energies so that the world can change from where it has been for millennia.

This is the change that is being required of those on Mother Earth today – change the ways of societies that have ruled by dominance and find a way to work collaboratively for the good of all on Planet Earth. The Planet’s very survival requires this. The peoples of Earth are begging for this. Those who believe that they do not need each other are deluding themselves with the notion that they can exist in isolation from others. Those who lament the situations of their lives are not looking within themselves for the resources and inner power that they do possess so that they can take charge of their life and make it into what they desire.

The Awakened Ones are the ones to whom the responsibility falls to assist others on Planet Earth to realize their potential and to become personally empowered through the expansion of consciousness.

Are you an Awakened One? If you are reading these words then you have the power within you to BE an Awakened One. Are you willing to open yourself to your own power, to your own empowerment, so that you can accept your Soul Purpose and live out the mission that is your destiny?

These are great times in the history of humans on Planet Earth. The individual has all the tools and opportunities necessary to living out a Soul Purpose that is huge, that encompasses a responsibility to advance human civilization in great ways. There are teachers on the Planet today in greater numbers than ever before. Because so many are ready to awaken there is a need for many teachers to assist the awakening human being along the path.

Do not despair that you are alone in feeling that you must grow, that you have a Purpose, that you have a Mission on the Earth. Awaken and reach out for the help and the helpers who can show you how to accomplish your Mission. Find your Soul Purpose. It is time to manifest that Purpose for the good of all on Planet Earth in the 21st Century.
It is time to be the person you were born to be. Will you agree?

And so it is.

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