MUSE-INGS: Awaken to Your Life Purpose

The Time of Awakening has arrived! Each of us is being called to awaken to our role in the development and evolution of human consciousness. So the question is not, ‘Do I need to evolve?’ It is, rather, ‘How can I expand my consciousness at this time?’

What are you doing about expanding your consciousness? Do you have spiritual practices in place that support you in this endeavor? And I am not talking about religious practices but the deeper spiritual practices that connect you with the greater wisdom in the Universe, like meditation or journaling or participating in a spiritual community to explore the role of the human in the expanding Universe. Do you regularly ponder the bigger questions in life?

Or are you, as so many are, stuck in dealing with the details of daily life and planning to delve into the deeper questions later, when you have time? Friend, the time is NOW.

This does not mean that you must give away everything that you own and sit on a mountaintop awaiting enlightenment but it does mean that you must metaphorically do this by realigning your priorities so that you lift your awareness beyond the mundane and into the space where the greater manifests itself. Meditation is not the end in and of itself. It is the means by which one can expand consciousness by allowing you to tap into something that is greater than the mundane energies of daily life and into the spaciousness of greater awareness. Meditation also does not mean that you must close off a part of your intellect and become mindless, as some believe. No, it means that you become so mind-full that you use more of your perception, more of who you are, to interact with what is around you.

Are you in touch with your own greatness, what I call your ‘inner splendor’? Do you realize that you HAVE a Life Purpose, a reason that you are alive today? Do you accept that you are a part of the Human Family because you have gifts to share with the other members of this community and that the others are waiting for you to share those gifts?

Accepting that what I have said in the previous paragraph means that you accept responsibility for taking yourself into the larger role that you were born to play. No one becomes a human being to sit in isolation, never interacting with another human being, paying attention only to one’s own needs as an individual and not being concerned with the community of all other human beings on the planet, past, present and future. Each person has a role to play in the constellation of other human beings and in the environment of Mother Earth that welcomed him or her into life as a human.

The time has arrived when each of us must make our commitment to that Life Purpose in a public way. Do you know what your Life Purpose is? If not, then find out. Do you feel that you would like to help the others on the planet but don’t know how you can? Find out. You don’t have to start a huge foundation but you do need to know what it is that you came here to do and to be so that you can fill the gap you were meant to fill in the evolution of human consciousness.

This is why I do the work that I do, helping people to discover why they are here [their Life Purpose] and then helping them to expand their consciousness about the ways to manifest that purpose in their business or career, their relationships, their life. The time is now and each of us must become the person we were meant to be so that all in the human community can evolve. You have a role to play in the greater scheme of things.

I urge you to embrace that role by first identifying what it is and then creating the life that allows you to be who you came here to be. You will experience amazing feelings of fulfillment, the people and the world around you will be enhanced because you are YOU, and the future will look brighter, to you and to everyone else, because you decided to BE the person you were born to be.

Thank you.


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