MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: The Call of 2012

Dear Ones,

Travel up with us to a place in the Universe that is above and beyond the energy grid of the Planet Earth so that you can gain a proper perspective on the events that will be happening this year on your Planet.

The Cosmos has been in existence for eons. Your Planet will not self-destruct in 2012. But there are people on your Planet who will, in essence, evaporate. The true humans of Planet Earth world will rise up in 2012 to decide the future of the Planet. No longer will those who wish to exploit her be allowed to continue their plans to destroy Mother Earth. No longer will these same people be allowed to destroy the peoples of the Earth. Those who have been blind to the needs of others will have their eyes opened. Those in power will be made to see how their actions are destroying the lives of others and how the choices they are making are leading to permanent damage to Mother Earth and she will stand for it no longer.

People will start to awaken to the hypocrisy of their lives. How they profess to believe one thing but their lives proclaim another. People will be made aware of the importance of community, of how all peoples on the Planet are part of the same Human Family. Those who live in ignorance and arrogance will be awakened to a greater consciousness.

And, yet, there will be those who will choose to remain in ignorance because of their arrogance. These people will become publicly identified and, for some, publicly humiliated. The Human Family will find its voice and the powerful few will lose their hold on the World.

Armageddon will really be a disarming of the Powerful Few. They will fight to maintain their hold over humanity but the evolution of human consciousness calls all awakened human beings to speak with the voice of the Community. Small communities of arrogant individuals will not maintain power over large communities of awakened and conscious individuals. The Few will no longer rule the Many.

This time of Awakening requires that each individual take responsibility for their personal development in consciousness but also for their personal part in the development and evolution of the Collective Consciousness.

It is time, Children of Earth, to wake up and to share that awakening with others. It is time to reach into your Soul and to find the Soul Purpose for which you incarnated at this time. It is time to bring all aspects of your Life into alignment with your Soul Purpose, your Life Purpose.

Be who you came here to be so that Mother Earth can support you in the sharing of your gifts with others.

This is the Call of 2012.

And so it is.


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