This is the last ezine from Colorado as I head to Annapolis, Maryland this weekend to start the East Coast adventure.  It’s great to be heading home, where the family and the familiar come together with old and new friends. Yes, I’ve made some very good friends in my travels who happen to live on the East Coast.  Would I have met them if I’d never left?  Who knows?

It is with sadness that we say goodbye to our first Granddog, Sadie, who went to Doggy Heaven last week.  Sadie was a border collie/husky mix who herded our grandkids and protected them for 11 ½ years.  We will truly miss you, Sadie, and we are grateful for the time you were in our family.  Gratitude and Compassion are the message this week and it was compassion for a suffering fellow creature that led our daughter and her family to make the decision to let Sadie go.  Be peaceful, gentle one.

It’s difficult to know what tomorrow will bring us.  Are you curious about 2012 and what we can expect?  I’ve heard from several people that we need to be storing up food and cash and that there will be all sorts of collapses.  On Tuesday, November 15th at 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time I will be offering some answers about what to expect in the coming year.  This Tuning in to 2012 class is FREE and open to anyone who would like to hear what we should be doing to prepare and what we are being called to do in the months of 2012.  Register Here and you will receive instructions on joining the class on November 15th.  And please feel free to forward this post so your friends can register and share in this important information!

I still have some slots open for you to learn your Life Purpose as it is written in your hands.  Scientific Hand Analysis uses your unique handprints to show you your Life School, your Life Lesson and your Life Purpose.  Go to my website to learn more about this and how you can schedule your appointment to find the message in your hands: Click Here!  [Psst, this would make a great holiday gift for someone special on your list!]

There is a Full Moon on Thursday, November 10th at 3:17 pm Eastern Standard Time.  [From now on I’ll be giving times in Eastern Time]  Here’s what The Mountain Astrologer has to say about this Full Moon:  “This opposition of the contented Taurus Moon and the hungry Scorpio Sun can evoke stubborn behavior in a face-off between accepting things as they are or striving to fulfill unmet needs.”  This week’s Mystic Message and Muse-ings address using Compassion and Gratitude to handle this face-off!  Be sure you allow yourself to let go of the ‘clutter’ in your life, whether physical, emotional or mental.

And do register to join us on November 15th to learn about the coming energies of that fabled year, 2012!


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