I wrote my last ezine at my desk in Colorado for awhile. I will miss this beautiful view of rocky hills but I am off on my adventure in California soon.

If you listened to the messages last Fall about Tuning in to 2011 you heard that a lot of people would be moved around this year to the place where Mother Earth needs for them to be. We are being moved around. So are many others that we know. Are you? Some times it’s comforting to know that the guidance received last November/December is showing up in lives in 2011. Wait until the Tuning in to 2012 teleclasses later this year! I look forward to hearing about the energies of the coming times!

As I embark on The Itinerant Intuitive West Coast Tour next week I am excited about seeing so many friends and meeting new ones in the Western States. Please email me if you live where I am traveling as I would love to get together with you. I am offering private coaching sessions, A Day with Your Muse [a private full day together that is very transformative] and message sessions about what is going on in the world during these turbulent times [I’ll answer questions from the audience at these events]. If you or your organization would like to host my talk, The Intuition Edge, about learning to trust intuition to improve your business, relationships and life, then please contact me to set something up. If you know someone in the areas to which I’m traveling, please let them know that I am coming so they can sign up for this ezine to stay informed. Or just send them to so they can receive the free audio download and the ezine.

I will be in the LA area most of the next 3 months and will be returning to Colorado Springs towards the end of October. Then on to Maryland. When I asked our 8-year-old grandson how he felt about Mimi & Papa moving back to Annapolis he said, ‘Haaaaaaaa-pyyyyyyyyy!!!!!’ It sure feels like the right decision!

And so we’ll be on the road for awhile but I am looking forward to keeping up with you all. Mercury is retrograde [what a birthday present for us on August 2nd!] so monitor communications and contracts carefully, and watch for distracted drivers on the road. Hang in there until the 26th! This is a good time to do some inner work and clear away the blocks inside – inner communications!

Have a marvelous week!


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