ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: You Are the Best Holiday Gift!

Are YOU in the holiday spirit? Or are you feeling a bit down about something in your life? Do you feel some pressure to perform with a smile on your face when all you want to do is hibernate?

In the US, it’s a bit difficult to distance yourself from all the ‘holiday hoopla,’ with bells ringing on the streets and music playing everywhere. Malls are crowded with people, some of whom are spending money that they can’t afford. There are parties all around. Some folks wish they didn’t have to attend so many and others wish they had been invited to at least one. Some people dread spending time with their family while others wish they could be with family that is distant or gone.

Is what is happening in December authentic? Are you feeling invited to be your authentic self? Or does a part of this smack of inauthenticity for you?

Neither constant, upbeat smiles nor constant, depressed frowns represent authenticity at the deepest level. It’s good to be upbeat. It’s okay to smile a lot. It’s also okay to feel like not smiling. This isn’t saying that you ‘should’ feel or be any way other than how you feel.

However, what choices are you making today? If you feel very upbeat and happy and in your ‘holiday jollies,’ are you thinking of less fortunate folks who might need a helping hand? If you are depressed or feeling low, are you focusing all of your energies on what you don’t have or how poorly you feel instead of looking at your life and feeling gratitude? Who can YOU help?

Helping others, giving to others, and not just gifts that cost money but gifts of self, time, talents, attention – this outward focus is the authentic aspect of humanity that we sometimes forget is a part of us. We WANT to be useful and helpful, even when we need help from others. We trip ourselves up when all we can see on our private radar screens is what we consider our own plight, our ‘woe is me’ vision. We can also trip ourselves up by feeling happy and smiley and not noticing that someone near to us has a broken heart.

If we put on our ‘service-self glasses’ we can see beyond our own situation and find someone out there to whom we can give a gift.

Stay in the holiday spirit not because it’s Christmas but because you want to smile. Help someone by holding open a door for them. Give to charities because there are so many in need. Call a friend who has suffered a loss and share with them your attention and time.

Play ‘Secret Santa’ for someone. What a joy it can be to do something for someone and never let them know that you did that for them!

Think outside the box of your own feelings. It doesn’t matter whether you are smiling all the time or crying all the time. There is more in you than just those feelings. And there is more around you than just what you are feeling today.

Stay upbeat, if you can. Smile if you feel like it. Ask for help if you need it. Find someone with whom you can let your hair down and be yourself and share your feelings without judging yourself. Then find someone who might need a helping hand and offer that hand, outstretched because giving is great and receiving is, too.

Are you willing to receive help? Are you willing to give help?

Have a Happy Holiday because you can genuinely feel gratitude and joy. Smile because you have smiles to give to others. Notice if someone is having a hard time and share your smile and your heart with them.

Be yourself and you are the greatest gift you can give to the world!

PS: I hosted a wonderful Winter Solstice event this past Saturday and channeled an important message from The Divine Feminine who gave us amazing guidance for 2014. You can receive this 57 minute recording for only $14. Go to my website for immediate access:



crstal spiralDecember is here and all the festivities of the holidays have begun!I love this time of year. We attended our grandson’s 5th grade chorus concert today. There will be a lot more fun activities to attend in the coming days.

But do not lose sight of your inner work when the parties and celebrations fill your calendar! The days continue to get shorter until the Winter Solstice on December 21. After the Solstice our work is to go inside and ‘hibernate,’ do that inner work, examine our lives and our plans and assess where we are and where we are going.

In our active society it is easy to move into this season and party a lot or worry that we haven’t been invited to as many parties as we would wish. We might be overstressed about money because we feel we have to spend a lot buying gifts for others. We might be tempted to eat and drink in unhealthy ways that we wouldn’t consider the rest of the year. Pause!

Take care of yourself. Relax. Be gentle with yourself and others. We had a powerful New Moon last Monday and the growing Moon invites us to be authentic about how we feel. Don’t push yourself to ‘put on a happy face’ if it drains your energy. Be honest with yourself about ways that you used to celebrate the holidays and ask if you still feel like making those old choices. You have permission to make new choices!

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Hope to see you at Satsang on the Solstice! This will be a very special event as you plan for 2014!


solsticeHappy Solstice! Today’s the day!

And Happy Sun in the sign of Cancer the Crab!

And Happy Full Moon on the 23rd!

A busy week in the skies!

Let’s talk about the Summer (in the northern hemisphere) Solstice first. This occurred at 1:04 am Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) TODAY, Friday, June 21 when the Sun went into Cancer. We know this is the longest day of the year, the day with the longest period of sunlight. Let this be a metaphor for you to let in the maximum amount of Light that you can absorb into your own energy field. This is a powerful time that invites us to accelerate our evolutionary process by accessing inner wisdom to shine that Light onto our path ahead. What are you doing for yourself in these days of transformation that take you in quantum leaps forward in your growth? Meditation? Time in Nature? Spiritual gatherings with like-minded others? Give yourself permission to explore new ideas so that you can experience exponential growth at this time!

The Sun is in the sign of Cancer and for the next month we’re called to focus on home, on nurturing, on family. Enjoy this energy and notice how your attention goes to nurturing others and yourself. What a beautiful time, astrologically, to receive a message from The Divine Feminine about the Heart of Humanity! [see below]

On Sunday, June 23 at 7:32 am EDT we’ll experience the Super Moon Full Moon where the Sun is in Cancer and the Moon is in the opposite sign of Capricorn. This is occurring when the Moon is at its closest point to Earth this year. This weekend would be a great time to do a Solstice/Full Moon meditation and get a vision of the next three months for yourself.

Pay attention this week to the ways that you ignore your own needs or those of others. Have you been wanting to schedule that self-care appointment but have been putting it off? This is the week to pick up the phone. This could be as simple as getting a massage or a manicure or it could be the time to finally schedule that Scientific Hand Analysis to learn your Life Purpose or to join a coaching program. The energy is the ‘do it now’ energy and it’s a good time to nurture yourself. When you have taken care of your own needs, you are better able to serve others from the Heart of Humanity.

HIGHLIGHT: Get some guidance about the coming months for yourself and have some fun while you get your message! The July Conversation with The Other Side is on a Saturday evening in Annapolis and on your computer or phone (yes, you do not have to be in Annapolis to participate!), July 13 at 7:00 pm EDT.Each Conversation contains awesome guidance for all who attend as well as personal messages from angels, guides and loved ones for each attendee. At the last Conversation we had everyone from Grandma to a gigantic Angel to a poet. And Mother Mary came with a message for all of us. These events are recorded so that you can listen again afterward. Please join us and learn what you need to know NOW! More information is here: website And there’s information on the website about hosting your own Conversation with The Other Side in the comfort of your home with a few friends plus online guests can join from anywhere in the world.

School’s out here in Maryland and we’re enjoying Summer activities. I hope you’re having fun, too.

This is a special week – Love yourself through it!


VIDEO MYSTIC MESSAGE: “Happy New You, Happy New Year!”

My video for the week: Happy New You, Happy New Year!

PS: Have a wonder-filled Holiday Season and many blessings in the New Year!


The Sun has moved into the sign of Gemini and we are moving into Summer weather, at least here in the Northern Hemisphere!  It’s always refreshing to bask in Gemini sunshine and to notice how we can shift our focus to the mental realm.  Pay attention to your thoughts this week.  Notice if you feel like analyzing what is going on around you.  And remember that everyone will be feeling this shift along with you!

Messages for the coming Summer months will be available to you at the Conversation with The Other Side on Wednesday, May 26th at 7:00 pm at the Center for Powerful Living in Colorado Springs.  The Angels, Spirit Guides, and Loved Ones on The Other Side are lining up to talk to you so please join us as I share their personal messages for you.  You can register for the event at

If you’re in the Colorado Springs area we’d love to have you share the Sunday Celebration with us at the Center for Powerful Living.  Check out  On Sunday, June 20th we’ll be sharing a pot luck lunch after the Celebration to honor the Summer Solstice.  Put it on your calendar now and plan to celebrate with us!

Have a wonderful week!  Remember that Thursday, May 27 is the Full Moon.  Until then, accept what you are looking to bring into your life and prepare to release on the Full Moon what no longer serves you.