crstal spiralDecember is here and all the festivities of the holidays have begun!I love this time of year. We attended our grandson’s 5th grade chorus concert today. There will be a lot more fun activities to attend in the coming days.

But do not lose sight of your inner work when the parties and celebrations fill your calendar! The days continue to get shorter until the Winter Solstice on December 21. After the Solstice our work is to go inside and ‘hibernate,’ do that inner work, examine our lives and our plans and assess where we are and where we are going.

In our active society it is easy to move into this season and party a lot or worry that we haven’t been invited to as many parties as we would wish. We might be overstressed about money because we feel we have to spend a lot buying gifts for others. We might be tempted to eat and drink in unhealthy ways that we wouldn’t consider the rest of the year. Pause!

Take care of yourself. Relax. Be gentle with yourself and others. We had a powerful New Moon last Monday and the growing Moon invites us to be authentic about how we feel. Don’t push yourself to ‘put on a happy face’ if it drains your energy. Be honest with yourself about ways that you used to celebrate the holidays and ask if you still feel like making those old choices. You have permission to make new choices!

In the midst of all the seasonal hubbub we’re offering our monthly Satsang with Rosemary – Teachings from Many Dimensions on the day of the Winter Solstice, Saturday, December 21 at 7:00 PM. My guides have asked me to offer this event FOR FREE this month as I will be teaching a message about what energies we can expect in the coming year of 2014. You can join us in person here in Severna Park, Maryland or via videoconference from anywhere in the world!

And there is a special treat included for you this year! We have an amazing crystal spiral that was created and activated by Monte in our space and the Satsang will be energized by taking place around the crystal spiral. Check out the picture! I never know ahead of time exactly what the message will be at Satsangbut I’m sure you won’t want to miss these teachings. You may attend for free but we’d like to know that you are coming, and if you’re joining us via videoconference or phone we’ll need your email to send you the connection information. Here’s where to register and remember that, for this month only, Satsang with Rosemary is a FREE EVENTRegister Here (and use the code “FREEDECEMBER” in the shopping cart.

Since this is the season for buying gifts, why not consider giving a Gift Certificate for an intuitive reading with Rosemary? We’re offering these at a special gift price – give YOURSELF the gift of guidance for your next step! This is the best way to get ‘crystal clarity’ about what’s coming up for you! Here’s where to purchase a Gift Certificate. We’ll send you a nice paper certificate that you can give away or use for your own reading. Recipients love these! Click for Certificate

Hope to see you at Satsang on the Solstice! This will be a very special event as you plan for 2014!


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