Ison-NovemberIt’s time to talk turkey! Here in the US, that means getting serious, but we’re also preparing to celebrate the US holiday of Thanksgiving. The usual question is, ‘What are you grateful for today?’ But I challenge you to answer this: ‘To whom are you going to express gratitude today?’

A friend asked on facebook for holiday traditions to share with the family and here’s one of ours that was memorable:

One of our favorite holiday moments was when we shared a Gratitude Ball. I started with a movie we could all watch together and wrapped it. Then added a little gift like a pen or keychain or game and wrapped that. Then kept adding layers of little things until we had many layers. One New Year’s Eve when kids all had plans to go out we passed around the Gratitude Ball each saying something for which we were grateful. Each person got to unwrap a layer before passing the Ball along. Things went very deep and meaningful rapidly. At the end they all decided to stay home and watch the movie instead of going out. Most memorable New Year’s Eve ever!

As we face the holidays, some people are really excited and some are filled with dread. This year, CHOOSE your holiday mood and bring everything into alignment with it!

This week Hanukah begins and we celebrate Thanksgiving. Christmas is in all the stores. And it’s time to start thinking about the New Year. Who will you BE in 2014?

I’m already working with my clients on defining their themes for the next year. We have some fun new exercises to get the unconscious mind on board with the client’s desires and goals. Are you ready to make 2014 your BEST YEAR YET? Let’s spend a little time together soon to get your blocks cleared now so that you can start the year moving forward! Give yourself the gift of investing in your own future and you will gift everyone around you with a happier, more confident YOU! [Of course, you can always give the gift of a Gift Certificate to them for a Reading with Rosemary!] Send me an email and we can schedule your time to prepare for a Fabulous 2014!

December starts SOON so put your self care on the calendar now! Check out the events at the website so you can join us and give yourself a break from frantic activity. The guidance that is shared at the Conversation with The Other Side and at Satsang has been amazing! I hope you can join these events, both available in person and via videoconference, in December. You’ll want to hear the special teachings for the end of the year. For details:

Remember that the Sun is in Sagittarius, the Archer, now so aim for Freedom and Expansion! And the color for Sag is my favorite – Purple!!!

I am grateful for all of you who are reading the MuseLetter! And remember that we will be giving you a special bonus for signing up with our new technology service soon. Stay tuned! 

P.S. This picture is the Comet ISON which comes closest to the Sun on Thanksgiving Day, November 28. We don’t know if it will survive its trip around the Sun. The mystery continues…


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