Ring NebulaSummertime, and the livin’ is easy.  Or at least it’s HOT!  Memorial Day always signals the beginning of Summer to me, even though Summer doesn’t officially start until the Solstice on June 21 and the kids don’t get out of school here until June 14.  This US holiday weekend, though, with picnics and barbecues and swimming pool openings signals the time to be outside for the season.  I look forward to outdoor living!

This weekend also brings that Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse we’ve all been waiting for.  At 12:25 AMEastern Daylight Time on Saturday, May 25, we’ll have the Full Moon with the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius and the Earth’s shadow will fall across the Moon, the Eclipse.  There is huge significance to this event.

This is the third eclipse in a month, giving us impetus to shift, shift, shift.  The Gemini – Sagittarius energy invites us to examine the power of the mind and the power of belief.  According to The Mountain Astrologer, this is one of the most potent Full Moons of 2013.  So, if you think an ordinary Full Moon turns people, especially drivers, into luna-tics, be very careful this weekend!  We’re being offered ‘opportunities for big breakthroughs and shifts in consciousness.’  Are you feeling the transformation energy in your life?  I’m seeing it in a big way and every one of my clients is experiencing big shifts at this time.  It’s a great time to remember to go with the flow because changes are happening whether we flow with them or not.

We had a great online Conversation with The Other Side last Monday evening with some powerful messages coming through for the participants.  I love these events!  The next online Conversation is scheduled for June 14th, a Friday evening, at 7:00 pm Eastern Time.  Join us for some guidance from angels [we had several visit us last week], guides, and loved ones who have crossed over [last time we had animals – horse, cat – fun!].  Find details here

HIGHLIGHT:  How about hosting your own Conversation with The Other Side at your house?  Invite some of your friends over and I’ll come to you, or we can do it online.  When you’re the host, you attend for free!  Learn more about hosting this fun party here: Hosting

We’re moving into graduation time and that makes me think of the work we have all been doing on ourselves. Are you ready to graduate to the next level?  I’m seeing a lot of folks who are feeling some urgency to delve more deeply into what’s holding them back from their dream life.  Maybe it’s time to graduate from the place behind the blocks, dissolve them and leap forward!  We’ll be attending our grandson, Cody’s, graduation from middle school soon.  Why don’t you think about what you’d like to graduate from and then focus some inner work on making that happen?  Private coaching sessions might be a great way for you to start the Summer and clear those limiting beliefs and negative thoughts.  Let’ s explore how I can support you in this!  Send me an email and we can set up a time to chat.

Enjoy your holiday weekend.  Notice how the Full Moon/Eclipse affects you this weekend.  Maybe do a special meditation, visualization or journaling exercise to ask your inner guides how best to use these transformational energies at this time.

And Happy Summer!



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