ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Doorways of Opportunity

This week’s message is from The Divine Feminine for us:

“Dear Ones,

The flames are licking at the Doors of Change.  Those who fear change are trying to engulf the opportunities in flames so that you and others will not walk through them.  Do not let these fear-mongers paralyze you.

Change and Opportunity are two sides of the same coin, of the same door.  Opportunity is the invitation to Change.  Every time you say ‘no’ to Change you are leaving a Doorway to Opportunity closed.  Every time you ignore or say ‘no’ to Opportunity you are saying ‘yes’ to everything staying the same.

Is there something in your life that you wish to Change?  Then you must walk through a Door of Opportunity or there will be no Change.

Are you seeking Opportunities in your life?  Then you must Change something.

Those who prevent change also prevent opportunities from being realized.  If you are one who wishes to preserve the status quo then you are not ready for increased Prosperity and Abundance in your life.

Think about the energy it takes to resist Change.  The evolutionary forces of the Universe are not static.  They are always and forever moving forward, taking with them those who are connected to growth and leaving behind those who wish to go backward, which is the same as attempting to stand still.  There is no standing still.  There is only moving forward or being swamped by the Tides of Change.

In every moment cells in your body are changing.  With every thought your brain is changing.  Energetically, your field is changing with every thought, feeling, heartbeat.  What vibration are you emanating as these changes take place?  You are changing and you are constantly generating an energy field around you.  Your choices create the energy vibrational frequency of your field.  What energy field are you choosing to present to the world?

Think about the people you have attracted to your energy field.  Do they emanate the vibrational frequency that you wish to share?  Think about the situations in your life right now.  Are they what you wish to manifest in your world?

Now is the time for you to consciously choose the Opportunities you wish to pursue.  What do you desire to Change?  Which Doorway of Opportunity will bring about that Change?  And what must you Change to take advantage of that Opportunity.

Opportunity and Change.

The only way forward is to walk through the Doorway.

And so it is.”

We are all being called to Change in these turbulent times.  What used to work no longer brings the same result.  The thoughts that have been rolling around in our heads are now seeming to be even more potent in creating the reality in which we dwell.  Those of us who wish to live a Conscious Life are being called to examine those thoughts and choose which ones get to stay around and which ones we release.

What Doorways of Opportunity have been presented to you lately?  Are you considering them or are you turning away?  Look again.  And if you can’t see the Opportunities could it be that you are blinded by a resistance to Change?

Resistance is futile.

Now is the time for Transformation.

Thoughts to ponder…

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