pink galaxyHappy Birthday to my sister, Ellie!  We are now the same age until my birthday in August.  Yes, twins the hard way!  I hope you are as blessed as I am to have siblings, or friends who are as close as siblings.  I have 2 sisters and some sisters/brothers from another mother.  I am not alone in this world!

Since this week’s theme is ‘you are not alone,’ this is a good time to take stock of just how many people you DO have in your orbit.  Make a list.  You are a part of this community we call RosemarySpace even if we haven’t yet met in person!  I hold you in the Light of Healing and Love just because you read these words.  And I’ll bet you can come up with a pretty long list of folks who are also connected to you.

We’re heading for the third eclipse in a month, on May 25, so this is really a hold-onto-your-hat time!  Eclipses invite us to shift in a big way.  When there is a 1-2-3 punch, is it any wonder that people feel the struggle?  Before the Full Moon for that eclipse we have Uranus and Pluto playing on the third of their seven big days [exact squares] on Monday, May 20.  Freedom and reform are highlighted.  I think Uranus is inviting us to look deeply into our Pluto ‘stuff,’ our own underworld.  Remember the story of Persephone going into the underworld?  This is our call to examine the shadows, the parts of us that have been hidden or disowned.  Often this is our own power!

Do some meditating this week on what you have hidden away about/from yourself.  Clients are uncovering their secret desires by allowing themselves to peer into the recesses in the closets of their minds.  Now is the time to shine the light into those dark corners and reveal yourself to yourself.  And if you need help, ask for it!

I’m joining new networking groups when I find them because I feel an urgency to connect with more people in the area.  If you are a part of a group that you think I should visit, please let me know!  It’s time for us all to connect and share and serve each other!

HIGHLIGHT:  Join us on Monday, May 20 during this Uranus-Pluto event for an online CONVERSATION WITH THE OTHER SIDE at 7:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time.  Ask your question!  Get your answers from the angels, guides, loved ones who have crossed over.  Now is the time to reach out for help – reach way beyond this dimension and receive the guidance you need!  Learn more and register to join us here: Conversation  If you’d like to come in person in Annapolis, we’d love to see you, or you can connect via your computer or phone.  There are still a few spaces left so claim yours now!

Thank you for being in RosemarySpace and staying connected!  Please invite your friends to join you here.  In these turbulent times, the meditation download gift for joining our community, a 7-minute de-stress/relaxation meditation audio, is just what the doctor ordered!

Remember what you learned in kindergarten – always hold hands when you cross the street!  We’re crossing a threshold now.  Hold hands!