EXPLORATION: “How Far is Your Reach?”

Entrepreneurs will be thinking of their businesses when they see this question. A Mom might think of the impact her parenting will have on the future of her children. A doctor might be considering the families of patients they have treated. What are your thoughts about your reach?

None of us lives in isolation from others. We are all connected. People often feel disconnected from others and alone, but this is the illusion that our minds create within us. You are never disconnected – you might only believe, mistakenly, that at this moment you are not connected to any others. But this fallacy masquerading as the truth will only cause you to isolate yourself further.

Do you have family members? You are connected. Do you have neighbors? You are connected. Did you ever go to school? You are connected to classmates no matter how long ago you were in the classroom. Do you have a doctor? Dentist? Insurance agent? Friend? Book Group? Favorite restaurant?

Every person with whom you come into contact has a connection to you. The Hawaiians call this an ‘aka cord,’ a silvery thread of energy that is created when you connect with someone. Sometimes these cords are powerful energy connections and sometimes they are weak. Some have positive effects and others are energy drains. They can last a very long time.

In my coaching/counseling work I am often helping clients to cut these cords and reclaim their own energy, their power. But the cords that support the highest good of both parties get energized and enhance the connection.

Even when you are not aware of a connection to a particular person, you are connected to all of humanity. When you took your first breath of life at your birth you became a human being and a part of the human consciousness that lives on Mother Earth. Your actions have consequences. Your thoughts have effects. Your energy emanates outward, whether you pay attention to that or not.

Think about someone you love and your heart opens up and the energy can reach out 50 feet from you. I recently demonstrated this at a talk I gave about our energy bodies. My subject was my husband, Richard [a good sport!] and I asked him to think about a problem he was working on. Then I measured his energy field with dowsing rods. It was very close to him. This is the brain energy field. Then I asked him to open his heart and send out Love. The building was too small for me to back up enough to reach the end of his energy field, the energy emanating from his heart center.

Now, think about how, if you open up your heart before you walk into a room, you are sending out Love energy for 50 feet ahead of you. You can connect with everyone in a room this way, with the wonderful, high-vibration energy of Love.

If you interact with people from a place of Love, especially when you start with Love for yourself, your connections will be strong and energetically beneficial. When you spend any time with thoughts that are not at this vibration, you are hurting yourself more than anyone else or any other situation. This is why the power of positive thoughts is to benefit YOU!

You have connected with people from all walks of life, from many different locations, all ages, beliefs, nationalities. And those cords that connect you reach beyond space and time. Keep only the ones that are for your highest good. Cut those that no longer serve you. But know that there are others around the globe who are radiating Love and you are connected to them.

This might sound tricky and I’m happy to help you make sure your own energy field is clear. Just remember that you are not alone on the Planet Earth. Monitor your thoughts and the energy radiating from you. Make yourself a beacon of Light and Love in the world. And know that you are also the recipient of Light and Love from many who wish that for you!

I know I wish you to connect with Light and Love!


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