“How Far Is Your Reach?” a Commentary from Richard

When I first saw Rosemary’s question I immediately thought of the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life” – probably a natural connection, especially at this time of the year. It is an interesting exercise to look at one’s life and try to imagine the changes there would be in the world if you had never been born! I know that Frank Capra’s movie on this subject is a favorite for many; it’s not one of mine. Oh, it’s well made, well acted and the story is certainly compelling. But I find it on the dark side. Hey, but maybe that’s the whole point! The world would be a darker place had you never been born!

Our reach is as far as our connections. But we still may not know exactly how to measure this because we are not likely aware of all of our connections, let alone the influence of those connections or the influence through those connections to yet others. And if we are all connected then our reach is as far as the farthest person from us. Of course, if we are all One then we are connected to everything, all matter, substance, creation, through time and space; our reach is to the edge of the Universe, whatever that might mean. Certainly as far as we can “see” and that’s about 13.3 billion light-years (the farthest galaxy yet seen in the Universe)!

So we have to be pretty careful, right? We do know through quantum physics studies that particles immense distances apart do influence one another; it’s as if they are connected by aka cords! If particles are so connected how much more are we connected to everything through our energy fields (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). Since we are made of particles and energy ourselves then we are infinitely connected to everyone and everything else.

An example of this was given to me by our Acupuncturist and Qigong instructor, Bridget Hughes, who has studied the influence, interaction and impact of DNA across distances. Our DNA is as ubiquitous as we are! It can influence other DNA. Experiments have demonstrated that another person’s DNA affects our own, and long after contact. Of course the environmental impact on our DNA is well studied and can be of great concern as our environment deteriorates.

Examining our reach at this cellular, even particle level brings me to our own inner reach. If we can reach outward to the far reaches of the Universe then we can also reach inward to these also distant places – the vast empty space within atomic and nuclear structures! Again, we not only have these deep connections within ourselves but they influence others as well. It makes perfect sense then, that we first must love ourselves, create that nurturing healthy environment for ourselves at the deepest inner levels; and then, our outward influence will be of a loving, nurturing quality that reaches out to everyone!

Rosemary’s experiment with me as the “guinea pig” is another example of this. By focusing my thoughts on a problem I was trying to solve I brought my energy field of influence very close to my body. Then by expanding my thoughts, and emotions, on loved ones and that love feeling, I was able to expand my field to reach beyond the building! The quality of the thought, especially when combined with feeling, expanded my sphere of influence and created a sense of ease and well being.

So, when you walk into a room do you think about your problems, concerns about finding someone to talk to, wondering what you might talk about, or do you enter with an open heart expecting to meet wonderful people and spread your joy to others, and in turn be enriched by their influence?

And how about the entrepreneurs reading this post and wondering about their reach? When you are writing your newsletter or sales copy, are you projecting love and joy out to your ideal clients, or are you focused on the task of getting the next client to fill your practice?

The choice is always yours. Mine is keeping my heart as open as possible at all times, setting clear boundaries and knowing my reach is as wide as the Universe!

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