I’m having a busy week getting ready for a talk I’m giving at the On Purpose Woman Conference in Columbia, Maryland this Saturday! Yes, this is a bit last minute since I’m taking the place of a speaker who can’t make it! The talk is titled:  Spiritual Tools for 2012 and Beyond. If you are in the Washington, DC area check out this conference here: http://onpurposewomanconference.com/

The following week will be busy too; check out my other activities:

***An Online Meta*Physical Checkup***
Wednesday, October 10, 2012 7:00 to 9:00 PM Eastern Time ♦ A Meta*Physical Checkup ♦   Clear the Fear

You take your body to the doctor for a checkup.

Now learn about a checkup for the WHOLE YOU!

A Live Online video class

  • Are you worried, depressed, sad, suffering?
  • Do you fear what tomorrow or 2012 might bring?
  • Do you feel blocked in some area of your life, like      finances?
  • Is there something out of balance in your life?
  • Do you wish you could change something?
  • Are you feeling great but wondering about your future?

Then this class may be just what you need!

  • Learn to find balance
  • Explore change and how to bring desired change into      your life
  • Uncover and remove areas where you are blocked
  • Create your VISION of the Future you desire, and
  • Learn how to realize your dreams

The class will run for two hours, until 9:00 PM Eastern

You will have opportunities for questions

You can expect a full two hours of teaching

Your investment: only $55!

Get the details and register here

***The Weekly Muse-Letter***
Every Friday I publish The Muse-Letter, a video ezine to inspire, encourage and enlighten with Evolutionary Thought. If you were subscribed to The Daily Muse then you are automatically subscribed to The Muse-Letter. And it remains FREE!

Subscribe to the FREE Muse-Letter

***A Community of Transformation-ACT-Presentation***
Sunday, October 14, 2012 2:00 to 4:00 pm I am speaking at this awesome group, ACT, which gathers monthly for celebration and spiritual transformation. My subject: Do You Need a Meta*Physical Checkup? In this talk we’ll explore the health of your Four Bodies and how to answer this vital question to assure your well being at all levels of your life!

If you are in the area I’d love to see you join me!

Learn more here!


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