Hello and Happy Full Moon! Tomorrow, September 29th, we will have a Full Moon at 11:20 pm Eastern Daylight Time. This Full Moon aligns with a Uranus-Pluto interaction to bring evolutionary energy to this time. “We must go forward: there is no turning back and no staying the same. This is the death rattle of the old paradigm and the birth pangs of a new reality.” [from The Mountain Astrologer magazine] Wow! Big things are happening, in us and around us.

We’re starting a new season in the wheel of the year so we are called to bring new energies into our lives. Are you bringing in something new? And at the Full Moon we release the old that no longer serves us. What are you releasing?

I’m excited about some new things that are happening around here! On October 10th I’ll be offering ONLINE a 2-hour live webinar , A Meta*Physical Checkup! We’ll be looking at where you are holding fear and how to clear the fear from your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual energy bodies. This class is for anyone who feels a little uncertain or off balance or who is struggling with getting clear about the path forward. And we’ll have some fun, too! [If you’ve taken a class from me before, you know I like to have fun!] So please join us on Wednesday, October 10th at 7:00 pm Eastern time to learn about getting your 4 energy bodies into balance and releasing the fear.
Click Here for Details

If you are in the Annapolis, Maryland area please join A Community of Transformation on Sunday, October 14th at 2:00 pm where I’ll be speaking about the 4 bodies and finding balance within yourself and Bridget Hughes, an acupuncturist and qigong instructor, will discuss Mind/Body Healing. We have some interesting demonstrations planned!  See below for event details.

As always, I am available for private sessions to help you get answers to your questions and to determine your best next step along the path of personal growth. And if you had your Scientific Hand Analysis session more than 6 months ago, it’s time to schedule an update! I’m entranced with the changes I’m seeing in people’s hands as we do these updates. We can see where you have been working/focusing and what is coming up for your attention today. The fingerprints stay the same and the lines, which represent neural pathways in your brain, change as you grow and change. Fascinating information in the palm of your hand! Click to Send me an email if you’d like to get your update scheduled or your first time introduction to your Life Purpose and Life Lesson!

Have a ‘happy ending’ week and Happy October!


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