MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Once upon a time…

Dear Ones,

Every day of your life is a Fairy Tale Day. It starts with ‘Once upon a time…’ and you write the rest of the story.

What are you writing today? Is there an ogre? A villain? A fairy godmother? A prince or princess? What perils will your main characters encounter? Will they choose might or diplomacy to solve their problems? Will there be a ‘happily ever after’ ending to today’s story?

Do you understand the responsibility of being the author of this fairy tale story? You are not only creating the script for yourself to follow today but for all those around you. And every morning you start over with a new ‘Once upon a time…’ beginning.

The original fairy tale stories that you were told as a child and that you have told to your children started as illustrations of life on Earth. There was a parallel to the lives of those who lived at the time of the creation of these stories. There was always a villain or an ogre lurking around the corner. There was always a rescuer waiting to swoop in and rescue the powerless. Some original stories did not have ‘happily ever after’ endings.

Now you live in the 21st Century Earth world that is crying out for the hope in the ‘happy’ fairy tale stories. What will you do to contribute to that longed-for hope?

If you are feeling that your life seems like one of the stories without the happy ending then you have not yet embraced the concept of yourself as the author of your own story. Whether or not you have doesn’t alter the circumstances but it does affect your power to write the ending.

Look around you at your life and notice that all the characters are in some way a reflection of a part of yourself. This is not to say that every ogre in your life means that you are an ogre toward others. It is merely to say that there might be a part of you that is bullying the rest of you into seeing circumstances as if you are the victim of outside ogres.

The truth is, Dear One, you can change the details of the story to reflect the life you desire rather than what you feel you have been dealt. You are not the victim today. If there is someone who is abusing you, then get yourself out of that situation and move forward with your life. But if you are honestly looking for your point of personal growth, it will probably not be at the hands of the fairy tale rescuer that you might wish would charge up on his white steed and swoop you into a happy ending.

You are your own rescuer. You have the power to ride your own white steed into the situation and change things. Claim that power. Visualize the circumstances shifting around you to support your own ‘happily ever after’ ending for today’s story.

And if you find yourself moving into distress over the past or the future, then you are not authoring today’s story, and this is the only page in the book that you have control over. You cannot change the past nor can you define the future until you take the actions called for by today. Your choices today define your future, so make your choices about today in the direction of the future you desire.

Not every circumstance can be changed in a day, but your story today can have great impact on your tomorrow. Write the fairy tale you want to live within, today.

And so it is.

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