MUSE-INGS: You Are Here to Grow!

We’ve often heard that we are ‘Spiritual beings having a human experience, but what
does that really mean?

The human experience has many dimensions to it and we cannot fully participate
if we don’t appreciate this dimensional aspect. We are not our bodies – we are
much more than that. We are not our minds – we are much more than that. We ARE
our Spirit which is our essence, and our body, our mind, our body-mind reflects
that Spirit into the world.

Sometimes it is easy to get side-tracked from this truth by focusing on the
situations that our physical body is experiencing in the physical world. It
helps to understand that the experiences in our physical world are merely the
classroom in which we are learning our lessons.

So many people are struggling with financial issues today and thinking that
they must be deficient or lacking or inferior beings if this is the case. Often
there is a judgment that ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I’m a bad person’ because I
don’t have the money/success that I want. This is not the case.

You are the Spirit who is perfect. Your Soul has just chosen this time for some
tough lessons that require you to learn them from a position of financial

Are you feeling lonely? In a job that doesn’t work for you anymore? Not living
where you want to live? Having relationship or family issues? These are
circumstances. They are NOT who you are!

And consider this. If your Soul is inviting your Ego to create these
circumstances so that you can learn a lesson from them, then doesn’t it make
sense that your Soul has only brought you lessons that you CAN learn, and all
the resources that you need to learn them?

The Universe IS a benevolent place. We are fortunate that we get to live on
Planet Earth at this amazing time of trans formation! All who live on the
Planet in this 21st Century are being invited into the process of the evolution
of human consciousness. This is a momentous occasion in the history of the

What will your contribution to this process be?

That is really the question underlying all of your circumstances today. Will
you advance the evolution of human consciousness by seeking to rise above your
situation and learn your lessons? Or will you join those who choose to regress,
to retreat into familiar territory and ignore [or try to] the progress of the
evolution of consciousness? This choice is yours to make.

But I suggest that you decide to hang in there with the rest of us on the path
of growth, for we all agreed to support you, before you or I was born. ALL of
us are here to support your growth, even the folks who seem to be bringing you

If you need help figuring out how to extricate yourself from painful
situations, then ask for the help. Someone is standing by to be called upon to
help you. If you are eager to move forward and want to know the next step in
your personal growth, then look around for the help available to support you on
your journey. The help is here!

Join hands with the other Souls who want you to grow! It’s what we all came
here to experience in these times of transformation. Hurray!

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